Mary & Russel Wright’s “Guide to Easier Living”

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Pared down. Russel Wright had a terrific retrospective at the Cooper-Hewitt last year, where people got to see a designer/thinker who “was Martha before Martha was Martha.” We knew him as the designer, but missed this book he published with his wife, Mary: Guide to Easier Living. Here is a reader tipoff:

I just got Mary and Russel Wrights “Guide to Easier Living” today and have only skimmed through it but it seems chock-full of timely solutions (with diagrams) for organizing and maintaining efficient and serene living spaces.”

We also found this….

…the mainstream 21st Century over-stuffed attitudes of living in contrived luxury, look bloated and phoney compared to the Wrights’ explanations of pared-down but comfortably designed home decorating and economics; i.e., think modern, lightweight, artistic, and easy to maintain… (

Sounds right on. (Thanks, Sandy!) MGR