Masako's 102 Square Feet Studio

Masako's 102 Square Feet Studio

Gregory Han
Jan 21, 2010

Name: Masako
Location: Cerritos, CA
Size: 102 square feet studio

We wanted to share this submission from one of our readers not specifically for the decor, which is primarily eclectic-utilitarian in nature, but the impressive fact that Masako has wholeheartedly adopted the tenets of small space living in her 102 square feet studio apartment, maximizing every inch of her Cerritos studio to meet her needs, including even a kitchenette!

I'm ever-so-obsessed w/ designing and redesigning my living space. This is a 102 sq ft bedroom (incl. closet), and it is for me a very cozy sanctuary that functions as a studio apt of sorts. I needed for this small space to be multifunctional, so using the vertical space to create extra storage was key in being able to fit all of my stuff in here.

I've created a kitchenette (microwave, toaster oven, compact fridge/freezer, worktable, shelving for "pantry" goods), in which I'm able to prepare an extraordinary range of foods. By day, my room is like a home office, and by night, I pull out my chair bed and the room is ready for slumber.

In the spirit of the AT blog, I adore and prefer small-space living, but don't believe that comfort or functionality need be sacrificed. I function better in this small space than some people who live in estates w/ thousands or tens of thousands of sq. footage.

In addition, my space goes to show that functionality can also be achieved on a budget.

In the beginning stages, when I was mounting shelves, I overestimated the power of the plastic wall anchors, so in the end, the shelves all ended up being supported by toggle bolts.

Figuring out the scale of the furniture I wanted was a mini-challenge, but a fun one, since I enjoy the process of designing a space. I love my compact fridge. It's got a separate door for the fridge & freezer, which suits my cold food storage needs much better than the ones that have just a little compartment w/i the fridge space for frozen food. I swapped fridges w/ my ex, and it was one of the best trades ever made.

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