Home Accessories Without the Frills

Before I offend anyone, let me preface this by saying that I am married to a guy’s guy who loves all things sports. The last thing he would ever think of purchasing for our home would be throw pillows or candle holders, especially when flat screen TV is also an option. So, when finding decorative accessories for our abode I have to be careful not to drift into girlie territory with flourishes, rosettes, ruffles or pastels.

Luckily, my style tends toward modern, industrial and handcrafted. Here’s a roundup of decorative accessories that finish any home’s look for the man who has a hard time buying throw pillows or the partners that live with them:

1Blackbird (seen with Crane Grellow Desk Lamp, Laird Desk Console and Birch Storage Boxes), available from CB2, $12.95.
2Suede Pillow Cover, available in Orange, Peridot and Tan from West Elm, $29.
3Gear Candleholder from CB2, $6.95.
4Ursa the Bear, available from Gretel Home, $125.
5Large Ebony Black Teardrop Vase by Urbana Design, available from Horne, $110.

1Industrial Candleholder from CB2, $4.95.
2Seafarer Anchor Jute Pillow by Thomas Paul, available from Design Public, $70.
3Green Colored Ceramic Vases from West Elm, $9 – $24.
4Triangle Pillow, available from Bookhou, $45.
5Harry Allen Brush Vase in Chrome (because the husband might be a sports fan, but he’s also an artist), available from Design Public, $95.

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