Mason Bees: Bees For People Who Don't Like Bees

Mason Bees: Bees For People Who Don't Like Bees

Abby Stone
Jun 28, 2010

The whole trend towards beekeeping is cool...from a distance. We're a little wary of the whole stinging thing. But, apparently, if you want an amazing garden, it's the way to go. Or is it? If you could get the bee benefit (awesome garden) without the bee issues (stinging), would you give up the bee sideline (honey)? Let us introduce you the Mason Bee, the honeybee's industrious, easy care and non-honey producing non-stinging cousin.

Instead of creating combs in which to house their young, Mason Bees pack them into tunnels with mud to protect them and pollen to feed them (the pollen they've gathered hopping around your garden from plant to plant). But since they don't construct the tunnels themselves, they have to find ones that already exist. Which is where you come in. Enticing these bees into your garden is as simple as providing tunnels for them to build their nests in. Just hang one up and get ready to reap the bounty. This one's from Kinsman.

(Image: Kinsman)

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