Master Organizing Tips from Justin Klosky

Master Organizing Tips from Justin Klosky

Nov 16, 2012

If you're one of the chronically disorganized, Justin Klosky has some time-saving tips for you. The expert behind O.C.D. Experience (Organize & Create Discipline) who took his disorder and created a company, he's sharing some solutions for maximizing your storage space:

Fireplace mantel: Wall space is the most common dead space, so make use of this space wisely! By adding a fireplace mantel in the entryway, you can create a great place for organizing your or your children's everyday jackets, hats and scarves. Designate a hook for each family member and label it so items don't get mixed-up. Depending on where the mantle hangs in your home, consider using the top space for books and framed pictures.

Wall key holder: Also, hang your keys on the wall. Discipline and good habits are everything in maintaining organization. Get into the habit of putting your keys in the same place every time you walk in the door. Use hooks for each individual in the household and designate a hook for their set of keys. You can even go so far as labeling each space for the household members. Make sure that each key ring houses only the necessary keys and you aren't walking around with a bunch of keys you don't use on a weekly basis. Your key ring should have your frequently used keys, with other keys on separate key rings housed in a common area. Keys for bike locks should be separated from your daily keys unless you use your bike as your common method of transportation.

Creative bin: Hide all your items in this creative bin on top of the fireplace mantel. It looks like books but is actually a secret storage bin. These bins can be great for magazine storage, media storage and even a place to put those excessive remote controls.

Storage bench: Use this bench to hide all of your family belongings. Think about furniture for your entryway that has storage capability inside. Using a bench with storage will aid you in keeping your home clean and organized. The bench is great a way to maximize dead space that you normally would overlook. When you enter your home sit down, relax, take your shoes off and then put them away in the bench. Your home will always look presentable when guests arrive. You can even use bins in the bench to keep your items divided and organized. One bin can be for shoes, another for pet accessories like leashes, poopy bags and a brush to brush your dog when you get back inside. If you have multiple members in your home then get separate bins for each member for their shoes. This way items don't get mixed up.

Artwork storage: Using a painting in your bedroom adds design to a room but this one has storage behind it. It is also a great way to hide those items that are difficult to store. Hang items that you would use on a regular basis such as jewelry. The painting will close in front and display elegance and your items will be out of sight, but ready to grab.

Bed headboard: Another design element is a headboard! This headboard organizing solution is perfect for someone who likes to read in bed without the mess of magazines and books all over their room. I know I wake up often and want to jot down thoughts or dreams in the middle of the night. Store a journal and pen for jotting down those important dreams. Think about creating a slot for your phone charger or cable for your alarm clock so all of your wires are hidden and tucked away. Lastly, hide those bulky remotes there as well. You want your room to be as crisp and clean as possible.

Night stand: Organize your similar belongings that you wear or put in your pocket everyday such as your wallet, money, gum, watch, etc. and store them in your night stand dresser. You can increase storage here easily! You can make this divider by using a kitchen organizer and add felt pads for the areas that accessories can go in. You can drill the organizer into place so it didn't slide around. It's only $15 to make.

Trunk for office files: Organize your office files together! If you don't have a home office and your bedroom doubles as your office, get a trunk for your bedroom that doubles as file storage and organize similar office items together. If you are going to have a bench at the foot of your bed make sure it has storage capabilities. Always think about furniture in your bedroom that has storage capability inside. You can also store envelopes, pens, extra printer paper and various office supplies for a simple grab and go. Keep files that you don't want to scan and shred such as medical information, and any important receipts and certified documents in here. Make sure that if you are using a solution like this there is no overflow anywhere else in your home. Contain all of your supplies to a designated are so you know when you are low on a supply to rebuy.

Kitchen wall storage: Secure kitchen wall organizers and hang your supplies and utensils like these on the wall! Placement is key. You want the items that you use most to be the most accessible. Eliminate spices from taking up all of your cabinet space and store them on the wall. Buy as many wall mounts as you need for spices and label them. Store them alphabetically for quick grab and go. Utensils are always piled on top of one another in drawers making them impossible to find. Simply hang your utensils on this bar which will make cooking more efficient. Top shelves are good for items that can be bulkier, but you use on a regular basis. You can also store vases up here as well for when those special flowers arrive from that special someone.

Thanks, Justin!

(Images: Provided by Justin Klosky from Houzz)

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