Masters of the Greenwash

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From time to time, we like to look at a good case of greenwashing. It’s helpful to know what the enemy looks like, right? That way we’ll become more and more successful in avoiding products with green claims that don’t match up to reality.

This month, GOOD magazine is looking at some companies that they consider masters of the greenwash. Can you guess who’s on the list?

Here are the top 5 offenders according to the article at GOOD:

  • General Electric
  • Dow Chemical
  • CSX
  • BP
  • Electricité de France

Get the scoop on how these companies are using ad campaigns to “whip up” some green buzz.

What do you think? Are these companies greenwashing or are they making an effort to move in the right direction? Should they be given credit for some of their initiatives or called out for their mistakes?