These Living Rooms Make Us Want Matching Sofas

published Jul 12, 2018
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(Image credit: Diana Liang)

You don’t see matching couches like you used to. The trend seems to have taken a dated turn and gone the way of Tuscan kitchens and popcorn ceilings: as in, it disappeared. But the matchy-matchy look is having something of a resurgence, with some homes and apartments either creating order in eclectic and busy spaces by displaying matching sofas, or adding an airy, minimalist vibe to the living room by sticking to the same style, just multiplied by two. For once, seeing double isn’t seen as a bad thing. Ahead are the living rooms that might just make you rethink your assorted couches and armchairs—and maybe even dabble in pairs.

1. White and Wood

Create an inviting space in your living room by choosing two sink-into-me sofas that sit alongside a fireplace. With a wooden coffee table between them, the mirrored couches look like they could inspire long, evening chats over wine or quiet afternoons full of book reading.

2. Blue Velvet

What’s better than one sapphire blue velvet couch? Two statement making couches that square off from each other from opposite ends of the room. While the combination of two velvet sofas might sound like a lot on paper, the room is kept simple and airy thanks to the predominantly white color scheme and minimal styling.

3. All-White

(Image credit: Diana Liang)

This renovated farmhouse in a Detroit suburb is a light and fresh haven with its all-white concept—which is taken even further with the addition of two identical white couches.

4. Gray Goals

(Image credit: Tory Williams)

This colorful Brooklyn one-bedroom pulled inspiration from The Beverly Hills Hotel, turning the Williamsburg apartment into something that resembles a chic boutique hotel. While the living room is wonderfully busy with stenciled green flooring and palm fabric designs, the eclectic pieces are balanced out by two matching gray couches that act like anchors in the room.

5. Tan on Tan

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

This Brooklyn loft packed with vintage furniture, stacks of books, and a jungle of houseplants has a definite mid-century-meets-industrial vibe. The twin wool couches in the living room were something of a lucky find—they were snapped up from a thrift show—and were just the thing to give the space a ’50s-meets-modern feel.

6. Bold Blue

(Image credit: Minette Hand)

This charming Charleston duplex is tucked away into the part of town that’s known as “Rainbow Row” thanks to the abundance of colorful houses, and it appears that the inside is just as prismatic as the outside. Thanks to the three piece “Dazzling Blue” sectional sofa—the renter uses the middle piece as a standalone sofa—the room pops with color and personality.

7. Rusty Red

(Image credit: Lula Poggi)

This airy and minimalist space in Spain didn’t always look quite this modern—in fact, it used to be a barn! Now it’s contemporary but homey, and the matching couches in the living room help to tie that aesthetic together.