Matchstick Garden Set

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It is all about scale. Matchbook Gardens may look like regular matchbooks, but inside they have a very green secret. Rip out a ‘match’, stick in the ground, and in about a week up pops either an herb or wildflower plant. An entire garden, the size of a matchbook.

We are long time guerilla-gardeners, and plan to use these to introduce the kids to the joy that is bringing life to otherwise bare patches of ground in the city. Our last matchbook was used to beautify a dirt patch in the alley behind our building, and we cannot wait until August, when those plants will be in bloom.

Of course planting from seeds means that it takes all summer to get the full effect of your planting and it can be tough for kids to be that patient, but on the other hand, gardening really doesn’t get easier than this! No hoeing, no weeding, no mess – just rip and stick. $4.99 per Matchbook Garden.