Material Designs – CLOSED

As far as we are aware, this store is now closed. 8/18/08 – CB

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Want a piece of history? There are people out there who HATE riding the subway every morning and there are people out there who LOVE it so much, they wish they could take a piece of it home. Now is your chance.

As the NY Subway system winds down its massive renovation program, a great deal of the tile used in the stations is sitting around looking for a home. Material Designs, a local company who has been employed by the city to manufacture and install station mosaics has around 400 linear feet of tile they are willing to sell. You can buy just the colors you want (“Hey, I would like 77th and Lexington’s colors, please.”) or a finished piece (above).

Tiles go for $14 a square foot and finished signage goes from $285 to $2,200 depending on length. (Thanks, Kim!) MGR