This Editor-Favorite Small Brand Is Holding Their First-Ever Sale and It Includes Their Bestsellers

published Jun 29, 2021
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Prop Stylist: Stephanie Yeh

The Kitchn team maybe, possibly, definitely has a brand crush on Material, a small, direct-to-consumer kitchenware company with gorgeous, long-lasting products. Material makes high-quality, stylish tools for cooking and dining, including a truly durable nonstick pan and a BPA-free, sustainable plastic cutting board they’re mildly obsessed with.

These products are investment pieces — a little pricier than your average skillet — but they’re worth every penny. Many Kitchn staffers love using them! While they’d happily buy up their inventory any time of the year, Material is having their first ever Semi-Annual Sale today and tomorrow, June 29 and June 30, on seven of their bestsellers. If you’ve been contemplating a new piece of cookware or kitchen tool, this is absolutely the time to make your move.

Material is calling it the “For You” Sale, because, well, it’s for the customers! Co-founder Eunice Byun says, “The ‘For You’ sale is just as it reads — for our community. We recognize that everyone has endured so much this past year and there’s no better reason to reflect and honor one another after all that has happened.”

While any purchase would be a smart investment for your kitchen, here are Material’s top sellers… all on sale for a rare 20 percent off. Happy shopping!

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was $35.00

Plastic tends to get a bad rap in the kitchen, but it’s ideal for certain tasks, like chopping veggies or meat. Material’s incredibly popular reBoard is a plastic cutting board you won’t feel icky about: It’s BPA-free, made with zero virgin plastic, and a portion of the profits from two of its most popular colors are donated to charities.

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was $25.00

You know what’s better than a cutting board? A little cutting board! Seriously, these things are great. We love the mini-me version of the reBoard because it’s the perfect size for chopping alliums (you won’t have to wash a big board for one stinky onion) or slicing limes (we are entering margarita season, after all). These baby boards also make perfect snack trays or cheese platters.

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was $125.00

A truly well-made sauté pan is hard to find. This one is thoughtfully designed, with tall sides — meaning you can braise, simmer, and sear, all without stovetop splatter. It has a copper core for boosted heat retention, and comes with a lid. It’s the sort of pan you didn’t know how much you needed until you own it, so click “add to cart” already!

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was $115.00

This three-quart wonder is a must for anyone who cooks rice or grains, boils pasta, steams veggies, or makes soup. (So … everyone who cooks, basically.) It has the same copper core as the sauté pan, and is lined with 5 layers of stainless steel for even cooking. Personally, I’m a big fan of the markers on the inside of the pot, which tell you how full it is without having to measure.

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was $115.00

The 10.5” coated pan is a must for anyone who ever cooks with nonstick. Material’s version is BPA-free and lasts 37 times longer than trendy ceramic pans (just be sure not to use metal utensils on its surface). It comes in two pretty colors, making it a much nicer addition to your pots and pans collection than that old black Teflon-coated thing lurking in the back of your cabinets.

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was $200.00

A good chef’s knife is key in the kitchen, but there are some jobs that a giant blade just can’t do. Material’s knife trio includes a 4” knife to tackle intricate tasks, a 6” serrated knife (so helpful for cutting tomatoes!), and a classic 8” chef’s knife. The handles come in a few different colors, which means that — unlike clunky 12-piece knife blocks — this set wins at function and form.

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was $440.00

This essential set of tools comes with everything you’ll need to cook dinner, including a beautiful wooden spoon, a highly functional spatula, and one of the most awesome straining spoons we’ve ever used. This makes a great gift for newlyweds, first-time homeowners, college students, and yourself!