Mathanki’s Chic Mumbai Home

Name: Mathanki
Location: Mumbai, India

Quirky, chic, yet practical- that’s what we set to achieve as we began designing our 800 square foot apartment in Mumbai. Apartments in Mumbai are tiny, so we needed to create an illusion of large space by breaking down walls and opening up spaces. We converted the second bedroom to an open study- cum bar, opening yet again to our kitchen and dining.

Although we didn’t go overboard coloring every wall, we did want bring in a bit of color in every room. For the living room, we went for a rich dark chocolate texture ‘art’ wall, which would provide a good contrast to all the framed artworks and prints we plan to put up. The brick wall brought in enough color to the study. As for the aqua- there is no story, except it’s my most favorite color! I find my bedroom wall most calming- reminds me of the oceans, reminds me of nature. Aqua unlike most colors is neither to bright and jarring to the eye, nor is it too dark and depressing.

Thanks, Mahtanki!

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