Matte Black…Housewares

I guess I’m buying into a product design stereotype when I say that matte black is associated in my mind with tech-y items such as cameras, televisions and music equipment – not housewares. But if I go with the association just a bit longer, it DOES start to make sense; these are the tech items of the homemaker.

With that cleared up, here is a mini-trend I noted at the Home and Housewares show…a rise in matte black goods.

I think it works well for the super familiar items that we all use everyday – a pot, a knife, a teapot, etc., because the matte black finish makes them appear more sculptural. Do you like the look?

Shown above, top row, left to right:
1. Vipp
2. De la Terra
3. Bodum
4. Stelton
5. Kor

Bottom row, left to right:
6. Dakota
7. Archetun
8. De la Terra
9. Joseph Joseph
10. Royal VKB

Images: Janel Laban