Matt’s Met Flowers: “Sakura Hanami” On The UES

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Even though the Great Hall is evenly lit with the Museum lighting, natural sunlight still changes the mood throughout the day. My hope is that these blossoms don’t open up so completely that they are wasted by this coming Monday.

I would love to take some of these home when the flowers are rotated. But I would also love to see a breeze steal through the Great Hall and make all the overripe petals flutter through like pink snow.

When I lived in Japan, spring was always a rejuvenating time. The blossoming of cherry trees was marked by Sakura Hanami (cherry blossom viewing), an event where people would gather in parks and temple/shrine grounds and have picnics under the blossoms. The petals would rain down like snow as you lay on your back. Having drunk a little alcohol always helped the effect.

It was a beautiful time, you felt a connection to the greater community…and it always felt hopeful. Overthinking our lives is something we all can be guilty of, and the results seem to never be so wonderful as these simple, natural pleasures.

I could plan a whole vacation down to the last detail and it could not be half as wonderful as showing up in the park, laying back and enjoying the company of friends and the falling of the petals against a blue sky.