Maura's Double Duty Baker District Flat: The Home & Studio of Red Camper

Maura's Double Duty Baker District Flat: The Home & Studio of Red Camper

Kathryn Bacalis
Feb 13, 2014
(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

Name: Maura Gramzinski of RedCamper
Location: Baker District, Denver, Colorado
Size:1,100 square feet
Years lived in: 4.5 years; Owned

Choosing and creating a space that successfully accommodates both living and working can prove to be quite the daunting task. Denver resident Maura, of RedCamper, shows us how it's done in her energetic, light filled flat located in the city's bustling, creative Baker district community.

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

The open floor plan, large windows, exposed brick, and historic features made this move-in-ready space simply irresistible to this Denver entrepreneur and her growing business. Having lived in almost every trendy neighborhood in Denver at some time or another, Maura felt that the dynamic and diverse Baker neighborhood would be a great fit for this time of life — and it seems she was right. Days after moving in, she learned that her neighbors just happened to be artists and small business owners as well.

Both the front and rear of the flat have rooms, somewhat disconnected from the main living space, that Maura immediately realized would be perfect a front office and back studio for her quickly expanding business. The small space off the living room quickly became the RedCamper's bustling "get it done" headquarters, where Maura and team member Mark Veljkovich, photographer/designer extraordinare, sit at separate mini workstations with laptops and crank away at the day's agenda. The bright sunroom in the back proves to be the perfect studio space for packaging up product, staging small scale photo shoots, dreaming up new product ideas, and ending a long day of work with a cocktail or two.

Maura's home and business are both beautiful reflections of her adventurous, travel-thirsty spirit, and her deep connection with her family history. Sentimental art created by family members and worldly artifacts picked up during one of her own many trips overseas all create a synergy within this dual duty space. Above all, her home tells a story, her story, and urges us to re-connect with our own.

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

My Style: Eclectic Modern World. ? I guess.

Inspiration: The travels of my parents and grandparents, the artwork of both studied and folk artists, nature's architecture of plants, rocks, bones/antlers, and minimal line furniture designers.

Favorite Element: Architecturally I love the light, and the height. Decoratively, my favorite piece is the Eames lounge. I’ve always been a huge fan of their designs and their work/love relationship, and I continue to be inspired by their legacy.

Biggest Challenge: 2 things.

1) Keeping the place clean. Between my workaholic-ism and Halle's losemyhair-ism the place is hardly ever clean.

2) Struggling with wanting things less cluttered, more sparse and clean, and loving my objects so much I want them to exist in my world. It’s a push-pull situation.

What Friends Say: That my place is comfortable and peaceful.

Biggest Embarrassment: That my couch is always covered in dog hair.

Proudest DIY: My proudest DIY has nothing to do with this place, but is in refinishing and repainting a 128 year old Victorian house by myself. 5 colors. 1 summer. It ended up gorgeous.

Biggest Indulgence: My biggest indulgences in my home are good coffee beans, turning the heat up higher than I should, and Netflix.

Best Advice: Don’t listen to other people's advice. Make your home comfortable for you. There is beauty in anything if it's displayed with intention. I have a coiled up chain I found in an airplane wreckage yard that I’ve had on my desk for five years. Nearly every day I pick it up and feel it — there is no reason for it to be in my house, no designer would pick that for me, but I love it.

Dream Sources: A bazaar in Marrakesh, an abandoned house in Detroit, a barn in Nebraska, a roadside stand in New Mexico, a friend's wood shop.

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

Resources of Note:


  • Midcentury Modern Record Player Console - Craigslist
  • Mahogany mirror - I made in college, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Photograph - Ryan Policky
  • Railroad tie & spike - alley find
  • Eiffel tower print - Maura g


  • Eames bent plywood lounge chair - Herman Miller
  • Mid Century sofa & arm chair - designer unknown - craigslist
  • Red storage cabinet - IKEA
  • Bent ply rolling side table - believe it or not..Kmart.
  • Walnut floating shelf -a friend finished & hung an alley find of a gorgeous piece of walnut
  • Beetle Kill Hanging lamp - I’ve Got Wood (Mark Veljkovich & Robyn Meier Bouchard)
  • Table lamp - Target
  • Vintage milk crate - family ??
  • Wooden Secret chest - I made in college
  • Rug - vintage Navajo rug circa 1960’s or 70’s purchased on the reservation
  • Artwork from - Jane Gramzinski, Paul Michel, Phil Bender, Sharon Montrose, Mila Kiracofe, Jason Thielke, and myself.
  • Misc. artifacts and pieces collected from travels and friends - Nepali mask, navajo wedding basket from brothers wedding, vintage navajo hogan (Cameron Trading Post circa 1970’s), arrow - 4 corners artist stand, south african hair salon painting, snow lion tibetan incense burner-hong kong, vintage cameras, zimbabwe doll, african money mask, two found (alley finds) 35mm movie film canisters w/films intact, Mexican tiger puppet, dog sculpture from Crate & Barrel, bugs from Taiwan, skulls from prop house sale in Denver, and vintage school clock from flea market here in Denver.


  • Mid Century Modern wood table - garage sale
  • School chalkboard - craigslist
  • Chairs - IKEA
  • Vintage Japanese sign brought over by a friend
  • Hanging pods - Michael McDowell - MudPuppy
  • Small square pots - Michael McDowell - Mudpuppy
  • Tibetan Snow lion Candle holders - small shop in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Guinea Fowl sculptures - roadside purchases in South Africa
  • Alebrije Jack rabbit - gift
  • Photographs - Ross Evertson


  • Orange Dorman fastener cabinet (my spice cab) - estate auction
  • Masks - mostly from Nepal, some from Mexico, South Africa, India and Pacific Northwest
  • Nambe candle sticks & serving platter -gifts
  • Alligator - South African market
  • Black Walnut platter - David Rasmussen
  • Vintage scale - Germany - Gift
  • Guinea Fowl containers - South African market
  • Skeleton - Mexican market
  • Nepali Coke & folk art airplane - Kathmandu purchases
  • Artwork - Johanna Mueller
  • Vintage airplane lunchbox - gift
  • Denver Public School chair - amazingly graffiti'ed up - Ironwood
  • Raccoon Window - Maura g
  • Calendar - Nepal
  • Crusty man print on fridge - Ross Evertson


  • Bent ply side tables - Target
  • Standing mirror - Crate & Barrel
  • Bed - EQ3 - store is out of business
  • Lamp - vintage souvenir lamp from Yellowstone - estate sale
  • Painting - Lisa Kowalski
  • Deer Mask & katahs - Nepal
  • Vintage slide storage cases (filled) - family inheritance
  • Pillow- Maharam/ Alexander Girard Silver Quatrefoil - Ebay
  • Monster “Banana” - Monster 2 Love


  • Framed photo of Grampa on a camel in Egypt - family photo
  • Artwork on counter - Chris Huth & Laurie Lynxx Murphy & sculpture from Nepal, vintage Vermont glass - estate sale
  • Cast rhino - antique from Hong Kong market
  • Painting - Denver garage sale find /artist unknown
  • Top of cabinet - Japanese fan - gift, 2 photos -Maura g, small dragons - Hong Kong antiques, buddha - Kathmandu market
  • Teapot - Chinese antique - gift, ash tray and Denver Hotel soap dish - estate sales, bottle cap basket - South African market
  • Towels, rug & shower curtain - Bed Bath & Beyond


  • Album artwork - Stephen Beneski
  • Paint by number deer - estate sale
  • spray paint boy - artist unknown/gift
  • St. Kitts shell lamp - estate sale


  • Desks - both were originally other desks that were taken apart and retrofitted with plywood tops. Both desks were circa high school graduation gifts
  • Rolling Wood Cabinet - Crate & Barrel
  • White Cabinets - CB2
  • Small office chair - Crate & Barrel
  • Mira Chair - Herman Miller -Sit for Less
  • Wood drawers & boxes - IKEA
  • Bicycle print - John Vogl
  • Eiffel Tower print - Maura g
  • Running horses painting - Jane Gramzinski
  • Indian car print - Pardon my Hindi - purchased online
  • VW print - Steakmob - Andres Guzman purchased at Indy Ink
  • Trailer drawing - Ross Evertson
  • ”Ugh” - Joe Swec during art tour in Austin, TX
  • Misc. artifacts from - Nepal, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Africa, Arizona Reservation, China, and childhood toys.


  • Sight - Audrey Heller
  • Woman eating flower - Nancy Fewkes (college professor)


  • Metal shipping table - craigslist
  • Wood folding table - originally from Cancer Research Center - garage sale
  • Covey Model 6 Stool - Design Within Reach
  • IKEA - 2 chairs, wood drawers, wood taboret, wood boxes, white storage box, paper rack, white lamp
  • Black bowl chair - alley find
  • Equipto mechanics chest - craigslist
  • Bisley file cabinets - Container Store
  • Bowling pin lamp - alley find w/some DIY
  • Red Suitcases - estate sales
  • Metal locker - garage sale in Paonia
  • Westinghouse fan - flea market
  • Coors tray - estate sale
  • RedCamper sign - painting from Arc
  • State plates - Goodwill, Arc, estate sales
  • Wire baskets - Container Store
  • Vintage Drinking water can from the army - estate auction
  • Globe, Hank the stuffed turtle, Coleman lantern & Bless this lousy Camper plate - Etsy
  • Camper artwork - Chris Huth
  • Metal & wood side table - Roy Sawyer
  • picnic basket - goodwill
  • Lunar Calendar - Jeremy Rendina /Margins
  • Miriams Coconut - antique store on idea which one at this point

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

Thanks, Maura!

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