Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: The End is... in Sight

Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: The End is... in Sight

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 29, 2013

Name: Maxwell & Ursula
Type of Project: Light renovation of a rental apt
Location: Soho, NYC
Type of building: Two bedroom apartment

Well, it's been a few weeks, we've moved in fully, the kitchen and all the dirty work is mostly done and I'm now in a pause, while I wait for cabinets to be made and make my own decisions on curtains and a few furnishings. It feels lovely, like home, but I've still got another mile to run. My goal is to be able to photograph a full "after" by Memorial Day.

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It's nice to be moved in and have all of our belongings around us, but it's beginning to wear on me that they're all still on the floor. I need to order and get up the curtains so that I can see what space is left and start hanging all the art and mirrors. 

Rugs - Dippy Red from The Rug Company

Sofa - March from Hickory Chair

Photograph - Antoine Verglas from CLIC Gallery


This was the last big push as we were living here without an operating kitchen for a few weeks. Working with China Marble & Tile, all of the marble was installed below the new shelves and the new stove also slotted in. Watching the marble come in was an amazing part of the process, and I am SO GLAD that I decided to demo more of the kitchen wall so that the slab was larger with fewer cuts needed. This makes it more useful and luxurious and doesn't cost any more money. 

Nice semi final reveal! Check out the big, expansive marble surfaces under the newly open shelving. Ingredients here?



This still needs shelving along the back wall, which is coming in a few weeks from George Evageliou. I plan to keep the bedroom really open and empty and spacious, since I've never done that before. :)


This fun extra space is going to be filled with a long piece of wood IKEA countertop that we're going to paint red and then install from wall to wall along the back. Maybe we'll have a soft, cotton rug in there too? 

This will be a little private workspace. As Ursula's going into first grade next fall, this will become her private space to do her homework and art projects (and thank you cards!). 


Here you see Ursula's old bed still in service with it's crib mattress (I was very proud of building that bed for her over a year ago). George Evageliou is in the background, and his company, Urban Homecraft, is helping me to build a new platform that will take a twin mattress and have shelving built in. 

Canopy - Nicamaka

Lambskin Rug - ABC Carpet

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