Maxwell's High Point Highlights

Maxwell's High Point Highlights

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 19, 2010

Clockwise from left: the hallway at BoBo, the Keno brothers sharing baby pics, Mitchell Gold, Clodagh and Bob Williams.

If it's Monday, I must be in Greensboro, North Carolina. Aaron, Selina and I have been running around the High Point Market since last Friday night and far from being the SNOOZE that I thought it would be, it's been super cool. There's a lot of beautiful stuff here that we'd never seen before, AND which is hard to see at retail level, since these are mainly trade resources. We're blogging every find in a single category here over the next few days, but I wanted to give you some highlights here.

This is the main building, but there are over 130 other buildings around town that are open and showing at the same time.

Visiting High Point is a totally strange experience. While it's crowded and bustling right now, this town only exists for the Market twice a year, so everything we've been seeing was set up last week and will disappear over the next few weeks. As a few people have said, when market's not going on, there's NO ONE here and you can see tumbleweeds blowing down Main Street.

So it all has an aspect of being a big temporary party, which is cool, because everyone's in a good mood and wanting to share. Oh, and free drinks start around 4pm each day all over the Market. It's sorta fun.

The Keno Brothers presented at our first breakfast. They are HILARIOUS.

Amazing chairs at HALO, Timothy Oulton's shop.

Just random stuff in the hallway at BOBO. Their warehouse was died and gone to heaven cool.

I loved the really large prints here. This is Christopher in front of Paul Marrot prints at Natural Curiosities.

Great display use of chalkboard paint at Gus Modern.

Mitchell Gold, Clodagh and Bob Williams at the MG/BW showroom yesterday.

Mitchell's cock: Mitchell Gold is getting married in a few weeks, and Bob gave him this cock as a wedding present. :-) (Someone else also gave him a ring with a cock on it....) Very naughty boys.

Sponge Bob was the official mascot over at the huge Serta showroom. He's so cute.

Part of the Market is in an old chair factory. This is the view outside from an enclosed walk up above. The weather was amazing.

While typically not my style, this company blew me away: Century Furniture. This first room was only one of about 30 that they had set up.

Jewel tones and this blue-green were everywhere. I thought the chairs were funky too. This was at Global Views.

New kid on the block. One of the most impressive market stories: Kim Salmela (above) designed six entire lines in six months to launch Hotel Maison at market. Here she's showing off a mirrored television cabinet - Hotel Maison.

This was totally unique: a bright pink inlaid dresser from Rajasthan by Sang & Serena.

And what Market would be complete without buying something? I saw these six antique chairs at BOBO and fell in love with them. Small and ornate, they represent a totally new direction for me.

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