May is Spring Cleaning Month

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This baby has cleaned his floor – have you?

Last week on You Tube, we came across this short video of a baby named Charlie diligently play-scrubbing the floors while his dad tempts him with talk of lunch to follow his hard work.

We can’t promise you lunch, but we are pretty sure you’ll feel good if you give your floors (and walls and windows) a once over…

We think that’s the point of Spring Cleaning – its not to impress the neighbors or meet some status quo of home making perfection – it’s to make you feel good because your home is healthy. You do the work and you reap the rewards. You’ll be able to go out and enjoy Chicago all summer long knowing that your home is clean and organized. You can save time (better spent at a farmers market or sunny cafe) by getting these chores out of the way now.

Heather and I are with you on this one. If there is something you want us to look into to help you get your cleaning done, let us know. We’d love it if you’d share your before and after pics with us to help inspire fellow readers. Whatever it takes, it’s time to just get started – I’m proof – I cleaned like a madwoman most of Saturday and lived to tell the tale (and it really did make for a great Sunday).