May is Spring Cleaning Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Is it ever. Between cleaning up the apartment for our mother-in-laws arrival (we’re staying with nearby friends as we DON’T have a guestroom in our 250 s/f home), and getting our garden ready out at our summer place in Springs, it was a non-stop weekend of outdoor and indoor busy-ness. Our hands are all chapped and sore.

When the weather heats up like it did this past weekend, you just want to open all of the doors and windows and – if you’re like us – throw everything out. It’s the balance we need for all of that nest building we do in the autumn. We have taken two trips to drop stuff off at the thrift shop already and have another one ready to go… [continued below]

Out in Springs, we’re renting a 10 yard dumpster at the end of the month so we can fill it with all of the unused and non-recyclable items that have gathered over the years in our garage and barn. We can’t wait.

Once a terrible Pack-Rat, we are getting so much better at letting go of stuff, and never realized how much fun it could be. We fully expect that at a certain point we’ll go to far (like our father who got rid of everything and cut down all the trees in his yard so that he could have a big green lawn) and need to re-introduce some interesting accumulation. But not yet.

Where are you on the pack-rat scale?