May is Spring Cleaning Month

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The dust should be settling by now, as Spring Cleaning month begins to wind down. But we’ve still got about another week of scrubbing and sorting here, and we’ll continue to blog the myriad and sundry ways we’re slogging through our annual rite. Keep sending us your cleaning and organizing tips, or even pics of the fruits of your labors.

In honor of our upcoming theme for June, *gardening*, as well as the many readers who’ve told us they’re primed for this, we’ve decided to host AT-SF’s first contest in support of none other than … tiny gardens.

What’s a tiny garden, you ask? At its smallest we’d say a window box, and at its largest, 600 square feet. That means plenty of you have fodder for the contest mill. And what makes a winner? We’ll be detailing that next week, so stay tuned.