Media Fast: Cutting Down on Blog Clutter

Media Fast: Cutting Down on Blog Clutter

Laure Joliet
Apr 24, 2008

Last week when we were talking about How To Media Fast, it seemed that more than watching TV, people are spending hours and hours everyday (even after they get home from work) on the internet. A huge part of that, for us anyway, is catching up on all the blogs and inspiration floating around.

While we were away on our trip to China we had really limited internet access. For 3 weeks I only checked AT once, checked my email every 4 or 5 days and didn't spend more than 2 hours on the internet for the whole trip. It was incredible. Granted we were traveling so we had the luxury of people not expecting us to return their emails right away and we were experiencing all kinds of other inspiration that we would normally get from blogs, so it was easier than just limiting the time on the computer while at home. But we noticed how much clearer our thoughts were and also realized that we can end up taking in so much information, images and ideas that it can be difficult turning off and going to sleep. After reading about so many great ideas, my mind can spin with all the things I'd like to try, do around the house, buy, write about, discover, etc. It creates clutter in my brain. Which is why The Cure talks about taking a break from the barrage of information.

When we ran across a post called Cutting Through the Design Blog Smog on the Real Simple blog, the author talked about limiting herself to reading 10 blogs a day. 10 blogs a day, we sometimes read 60! So while doing a complete Media Fast might not be possible in our day to day lives, our end of April resolution is to cut back on some of our blog reading to leave more space for our own creativity, real life with friends and family, maybe planting a garden, reading a book, or just sitting still.

Does this ring a bell with you? Could you cut back that much or do you already have other parameters in place to limit your internet intake?

[image from LA House Tour: Stefanie's Old World Modern]

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