Media Madness: Are You Too Connected at Home?

Media Madness: Are You Too Connected at Home?

Linda Ly
Jul 5, 2012

The Los Angeles Times recently surveyed a handful of households about their daily work habits and discovered: BlackBerries in bed, laptops in the living room, and a flurry of Facebook during family prime time. At some point you have to wonder: are you too connected at home?

A few families realized that even after coming home from work and unwinding with the kids, they'd go right back to reading emails and answering texts while making spaghetti in between. Some felt the stresses of work flooding their lives as soon as they woke up to their iPhone alarms, with beeping notifications of emails and phone calls waiting to be returned — even hours before they actually stepped into work. Others go so far as declaring phone-free periods and laptop-free zones to ensure their work lives aren't running their personal lives.

Even if the obsessive gadget-checking isn't related to work, checking in to Facebook and Twitter (usually meant to take your mind off work) makes it too easy to check out into your own little world.

As a work-at-home freelancer with a freelancer fiancé, I find it even more difficult to separate work from home, especially since the two are so intertwined. We start our mornings with the news feeds on our phones, entertain ourselves throughout the day with social media, return emails and phone calls at lunch, and watch TV while eating dinner. Since our work lives rely so much on technology and neither of us have any set work hours, we gladly ditch the gadgets during hang time at home (aside from Netflixing or Instagramming, that is).

Do you have any house rules for managing your media? Do you sometimes find your work life seeping into your family life?

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