Media on the Fly: Media Streaming Apps

Media on the Fly: Media Streaming Apps

Jason Rodway
Nov 7, 2011

Hard drive capacity is valuable, especially for portable devices. With the ability to play videos, music and store away our photo libraries, all those gigabytes can disappear quick. Right now companies big and small are promoting streaming media as the solution for sharing digital assets across growing collections of digital devices, especially handy when these new options don't require physically hooking up one to another. Here are few of the most capable media streaming apps available...

Stream to Me: Left - Air Video: Right

Stream to Me
We start with a strong entry that streams over both wi-fi and 3G, so whatever media is stored at home is accessible wherever there is internet. Second, many formats are play without the need for conversion. Third, full integration with iTunes and iPhoto, so all media is within reach and viewable wherever, whenever. And if you have an Apple TV 2, media files can grabbed from the computer and sent via Airplay to your television. The only real drawback is that Stream to Me needs to have a server program installed (Servetome, Mac or PC) but the same can be said with the rest of the entries in this list. $3

Air Video
Like Stream to Me, Air Video works over both wi-fi and 3G. However this app works slightly different: Air Video can convert non-compatible videos on the fly. Although the app focuses on just the video side of things, Air Video has a strong and faithful following in its reliability. With a user friendly UI, this app avoids overcomplicating the process...because ultimately you just want to watch you videos, not a progress bar. $3

Snap Music - Stream From PC: Left - VLC Direct Pro: Right

Snap Music - Stream From PC
Like iTunes Match that's due to arrive at some point, Snap Music allows for streaming music from your PC to anywhere the internet may reach. It's durable and stable in its disposition, streaming audio is the name of the game here and does so with grace. The app is both beautiful amiable in the amount of options it provides. $4 per month / $20 annually

VLC Direct Pro
Winamp and VLC are both programs I've used for the longest time in the days I used a PC. Both have made great strides in my absence, one of which being the streaming features of VLC to Android. VLC Direct Pro brings complete interaction between Android and PC in a way that it marries the two perfectly in a seamless fusion. Whatever video, photo or song exists on one can be played onto the other and vice versa. Tearing down the walls and ripping the cords and cables, this app delivers on all accounts and is a perfect example of minimalistic communication in our day to day tech. $4

My Media WP7: Left - Media Buddy: Right

My Media WP7
We like My Media WP7 as a streaming media solution because it's easy to use and quick, while also offering streaming radio. Using the TVersity server on a home PC, My Media is able to recieve any and all media you could possibly ask of it wherever there is internet. Not bad for just $2.50.

Media Buddy
For those who require a lot more polish and shine from their apps, Media Buddy is an app we'd say would be a fair shake. It's fully integrated with Windows 7 home media center for photo viewing and recorded TV for those who prefer to skip the DVR altogether. If a carefully planned TV recording schedule is set in stone, then shows will be accessible without the need for even touching the file at all. Should that not be enough for, it's also possible to browse schedules and update wherever possible, play or delete recordings and use the actual app as a remote control. $4

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