Meditation: On Escaping

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How do you escape when you can’t go anywhere? And when, worse yet, it seems that everyone else is packing their bags for yet another weekend in the Hamptons? Hot and bitter are great qualities in a cup of coffee, but less attractive in a New Yorker. Here are a few tips for keeping the mean reds away when you’re stuck behind the bars of your brownstone while everyone else is fleeing the city (albeit at 2.5 mph in outbound traffic):

  • Indulge in a few uncharitable thoughts. A lifetime of this sort of thing will give you wrinkles, but a few choice cracks about McMansions can be positively refreshing.
  • Ride a ferry. You’ll feel like you’ve been somewhere even if you just take a round trip to Weehawken and back.
  • Chase the Mr. Softee truck. And bring back the days when your capacity for happiness was greater than your capacity for disappointment.
  • Explore the city. Make a list of a dozen places you’ve never been in the city*, and go to one place each Saturday. *Extra points for outer boroughs. Did you know that Staten Island hosts one of the world’s best collections of Tibetan art?
  • Movies. Think your commute is bad? Go see March of the Penguins and then come talk to me.
  • Get over yourself. Volunteering helps with this–I’ve found I can stop thinking about my own “luxury problems” for whole minutes at a time this way.
  • Have a party. Believe it or not, you’re not the only one stuck in the city this weekend. Whether it’s inviting a couple of people over to watch Escape From New York, or throwing a full-on hula party in your studio, misery loves company.
  • Which reminds me…we’re having a party this evening and I haven’t even started the potted shrimp….


    Photo credit: Pitt Chronicle