Meditation: Timecheck

Meditation: Timecheck

Jul 1, 2007

Last week I issued a challenge: What would you do with ten extra hours per week, and what are you willing to give up this week to get those ten hours? So how's it going?

Did you watch less tv, leave work early, give up that boyfriend, engage in less compulsive web-surfing and messaging (as opposed to focussed, productive surfing on sites like AT ;) )? Or did you, like me, start out strong but slip into your old habits as the week wore on?

If you're in the remedial class when it comes to doing what you really want and giving up the dross, here are a few tips:

  • Set reasonable daily goals. I've learned the hard way that if my to-do list is longer than will fit on one index card, it's not all going to get done.
  • Be accountable. Boliyou puts her list out there for everyone to see. Try the One Word exercise as well.
  • But, Beware of detours. Especially online, a five-minute task can turn into an hour as we follow links upon links.
  • Do the most important thing first. That way, even if nothing else gets done, you'll feel like you've succeeded.
  • Get a buddy. Somebody to hide the remote from you, call you to remind you to leave work, give you high-fives.
  • Keep it simple. Trust me, you can spend a LOT of time devising systems to improve your productivity. Instead, try just doing the next thing on your list, and the one after that....
  • Don't compare and despair. Those people who see to have it all together are probably just putting up a good front. Focus on what you want to achieve and let somebody else keep score.
  • Celebrate small victories. If you acknowledge your progress instead of bemoaning your missteps, you'll be more motivated to keep going. Be your own best friend.

Today my goals are to finish this post, make a photo cd for a friend, and make spaghetti carbonara for my honey. I can do all that and still have time to check out the farmer's market across the street. How about you?


Photo credit: Erica Harris

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