Meet Heather Mann Of Dollar Store Crafts

Meet Heather Mann Of Dollar Store Crafts

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 7, 2009

Just over a year ago, a new blog came to our attention and we've been hooked ever since. Dollar Store Crafts is packed full of inexpensive ideas and tutorials on how to make all sorts of wild creations. The mom of 2 (and very shortly 3!), Heather Mann has been hard at work to make everything come together...

Name: Heather Mann
Portland, OR
Website: Dollar Store Crafts
Kids: Two boys and another boy due this Saturday 10/10

Heather is one of those moms that although she has many important titles to her name (blogger, editor, publisher, screenwriter, mom and wife!) always feels like she is able to make the most out of the small moments life gives her. Her crafty work with her family, website and more is proof positive of that and although we're not exactly sure when she sleeps, we're quite appreciative for her hard work and dedication to featuring crafts that don't leave you running to the hobby store.

Dollar Store Crafts is a great place to find not only seasonal arts and crafts, but home decor and clothing projects that look great and can easily find a place in your home. They are all made from things found at Dollar Stores, from dollar bins and discount stores for $1 or less! Throughout our interview with Heather we've featured some of our favorite projects, don't forget to look below the photos for the complete how-to!

How long have you been blogging?: Personally (family & friends), since 2001.

Why did you start?:
I love to write, and I really love to get feedback! I started in 2001 because I lived halfway across the country from my family, and it was easier to do an open blog than write emails. I started Dollar Store Crafts because I love to craft and make stuff, but I don't love to sell my stuff on Etsy or at craft fairs. I'd rather just share how I made something with anyone who cares to read about it.

What do you think your kids will think when they're old enough to understand?
They're boys so they probably won't be too impressed! My three year-old already kind of knows what I'm doing when I craft stuff, take pictures of it, and then sit at the computer for hours. He likes seeing his picture on the screen along with stuff we make.

The Blogosphere is filled with inspiration, what are some of your favorites?
If I could only read one crafty mommy/kid blog it would be Filth Wizardry. Her ideas are so inspirational to me. I also love Obsessively Stitching - she has tons of great ideas.

Do you have any current home design or DIY projects on your to do list?
I want to do a nursery for the new baby inspired by the Actopus to Zelephant line by artist Jenn Ski (K&Company)

Your website is packed with great tutorials, which one has been your favorite so far? By popular demand, the Alien Abduction Lamp.

Favorite Book: The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn

Least Favorite Food: Liver

Favorite Game To Play In The Car: My three year-old is just learning how to play "I Spy"

Favorite Kids TV Show/Movie/Musical Group:
My son watches this Canadian show called "Mighty Machines" -- live action shots of construction vehicles that sing and talk about what they do. I also love watching vintage Sesame Street on-demand on (my favorite skit: Thomas Jefferson signs the Declaration of Independence - he's super passive-aggressive and jerky, and it's really hilarious in a puppet).

Least Favorite Kids TV Show/Movie/Musical Group: Elmo (sorry Sesame Street!)

Thanks Heather!
Make sure to check out Heather's latest projects and on-goings over at Dollar Store Crafts!

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(Images: Dollar Store Crafts)

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