Meet Jenna Park Of Sweet Fine Day

Meet Jenna Park Of Sweet Fine Day

Janie Lee
Feb 2, 2011

Name: Jenna Park
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Online Homes: Sweet Fine Day, Whimsy&Spice, Sweet Fine Day Etsy Shop
Kids: Mia (6), Claudine (4)

It's hard to categorize Jenna's blog Sweet Fine Day - it's a beautifully written blog about everyday life in Brooklyn. It's about parenting and about self. It's about work as a freelance designer and about managing a young and thriving confection business. It's about delicious recipes and stunning photos. Jenna's Sweet Fine Day is about all of these things and more.

What keeps us coming back to Sweet Fine Day is Jenna's way of bringing out the beauty in the everyday. With honesty and humor, Jenna writes about the triumphs and struggles of life we can all relate to.

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
I've been blogging since 2000 on a webzine that I started about Asian-American food and pop culture, though in those early years it wasn't called blogging and every page was painfully coded by hand. In 2004 I joined the Popgadget team and started blogging about tech gadgets. Soon after that, I founded Babygadget which focused on products and design for kids. When I sensed in 2008 that our lives were taking a dramatic turn as we were thinking about starting a baking business, I started Sweet Fine Day because I wanted to document that process.

Tell us about your blog and your favorite things to post on.
The blog started out focusing on food, recipes and documentation of the business, but I always wrote about family and life, if only because our business and our lives were - and still is - inextricably intertwined. Lately, the blog has become less about the minutiae of the business and more about raising our girls in the city, life/work balance, and life in New York as depicted through photographs. It's very much a personal journey and writing helps me to reflect on the day, process the events, and move on. As a result, the blog is very honest and real. I don't really hold back.

I think one of my favorite things to post about is my memories of New York. As a native growing up in the city during the 70s and 80s and going to college and grad school in NY in the 90s, I have a lot of stories to tell. The city was a different place back then and for good and bad, I feel lucky enough to have lived and experienced it. I want to write those stories down so I don't forget.

Where in the blogosphere do you go for inspiration?
Flickr, mostly. It's a great place to see the latest work from some of my favorite people on one website.

How do you run a successful baking business, your freelance design work, and raise 2 kids all in one space yet keep it looking so fantastic?
Our apartment is neither small or big and it's neither minimalist or cluttered, but I do keep our "stuff" down to a minimum. We purge toys and clothes every few months. I'm also a fanatical vacuumer and a bit OCD with keeping the apartment clean. I have to be. I work here and therefore spend a huge amount of time at home. I can't think or design when the house is a mess.

What current home or family project are you working on?
We're working on taking more vacations as a family, even if they are short weekend trips. We're in a position now where we have a little more money to travel than we did in previous years.

I also seem to be on a home "refreshening" kick. We haven't done any home improvement projects in 2 years since we repainted the apartment and moved the girls into one room so we could reclaim the nursery as our office. We aren't doing anything major like that, but I have been obsessed lately with replacing all the photographs and art around the house. Up next is to replace a rug, some curtains, pillows and add some lighting. Every so often, I definitely get a nesting kick. I imagine in a few years we'll be overhauling the girls' room again as they transition from toddler/preschoolers to big kids.

Thank you for sharing with us, Jenna. For more, check out Sweet Fine Day.

(Images: Jenna Park)

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