Meet the KEEN STAND Winners

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whether or not you dig their shoes (err … sandals?), there’s no denying that KEEN does some cool stuff.

For instance, they give lots of money away to help people who are trying to fix the planet.

KEEN just announced the winners of their STAND competition and we took a special interest in Spencer Brown, the grand prize winner. Spencer is the founder of the first zero-waste moving company,

In his own words: “My big “AH-HA!” moment was when I spent $800 bucks for cardboard boxes and ended up at the landfill to dump them. I looked around and knew there had to be a better way to pack and move without the waste issue and impact on the landfills. I saw a pile of colorful HDPE #2 plastic bottles, picked up a few and said to myself, self- i’m going to make a really cool plastic box to replace the cardboard box. That was the start of my journey to change the way America packs and moves! “

Spencer won $25,000 dollars. Not too shabby. Find out more about Spencer and the other winners here.