Meet the Re-Nest Team! 19 Writers Share What They Love

I am fortunate to work with an amazing group of writers, without whom there would be no Re-Nest! Maybe you’re someone who’s never paid attention to the individual writer of a post, or maybe you specifically look for posts from a favorite writer everyday. Either way, I’m going to give you a little background on the 18 writers (well, 19, including me) who make up Re-Nest. I interviewed all of them and found out a little bit more of what makes them tick, from their personal home style, to what they love to do on a Saturday morning, and the places they go for inspiration…

Cambria_2.jpegName: Cambria Bold, Managing Editor
Started at Re-Nest: February 2009
Lives in: Brooklyn, NY

Most enjoy writing about… “gorgeous home interiors and decor, shopping guides, and anything that has a great list on how to make/do/clean/buy something! I’m always on the lookout for designs that adhere to a ‘buy well and buy once’ mentality— things that are beautiful, durable, practical, and multi-functional…”

Allison Verdoorn.jpegBlogger: Allison Verdoorn
Started at Re-Nest: August 2010
Lives in: Minneapolis, MN

Her green home must-have is… “organization and good design. Organization allows people to really think about what they need, what they have, and how everything can work well together. Good design is green design, its thoughtful nature reduces material use and waste.”

Sarahrae Trover.jpegBlogger: Sarah Rae Trover
Started at Re-Nest: Early 2009
Lives in: Kansas City, KS

Where she goes for inspiration/info/help… “To be quite honest I pull more inspiration from design blogs and parent blogs than “green blogs.” I’d rather look at something un-green and then figure out how to do it myself and make it more eco-friendly…”

Angie Cho.jpegBlogger: Angie Cho
Started at Re-Nest: August 2010
Lives in: Los Angeles, CA

What’s on her nightstand… “A ceramic owl lamp, a book called the Essential Visual History of the World, my iPod Touch (always), one coaster made of a single blue ceramic tile, and Mad Libs, because grammar and giggles go hand in hand…”

Trent Johnson.jpegBlogger: Trent Johnson
Started at Re-Nest: 2008
Lives in: Carrboro, North Carolina

This year he’s going to… “Order and install new doors for my kitchen cabinets, tile my back splash, build another garden box, install a new low flow toilet, paint at least one room, install three more windows and replace some doors…”

Landis Carey.jpegBlogger: Landis Carey
Started at Re-Nest: August 2010
Lives in: Maplewood, NJ

Her personal home style is… “An uncluttered, livable, sunny space filled with a mix of handmade craft, mid-century inspired furniture, mod antique pieces, and white walls with large colorful artworks hung in a gallery-like fashion…”

Tiffany Finley.jpegBlogger: Tiffany Finley
Started at Re-Nest: Summer 2010
Lives in: St. Paul, Minnesota

Her favorite green paint brand and color is… “I love the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company in Salem Red mixed with between 75-90% snow white. It makes a pretty petal rose/pink color…”

Amber Byfield.jpegBlogger: Amber Byfield
Started at Re-Nest: July 2008
Lives in: Austin, Texas

Her ideal Saturday morning is… “Jogging with my dog, a bike ride to the coffee shop with my husband, and a trip to the farmers’ market, listening to NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” on my way there…”

122210RachelHeadshot.jpegName: Rachel Wray
Started at Re-Nest: July, 2008
Lives in: Chicago, IL

This year she’s going to… “Get married, finish a big painting job, hopefully run my first 5k and start taking my architectural registration exams…”

Therese Maring.jpegBlogger: Therese Maring
Started at Re-Nest: March 2010
Lives: near Madison, Wisconsin

Her personal home style is… “Warm and welcoming. A blend of vintage, family pieces, and new additions. Everything has a story…”

michelle_chin_150.jpegBlogger: Michelle Chin
Started at Re-Nest: August 2010
Lives in: Los Angeles, CA

Her favorite LED or CFL brand is… “My CFLs all come from IKEA. They have so many sizes, are affordable and offer in-store recycling receptacles. For LED, I am in LOVE with the Feit Electric Multi-Color LED Party Bulb. It has a button to switch between static colors or two rotating color displays…”

lv_headshot_122710.jpegBlogger: Liz Vidyarthi
Started at Re-Nest: March 2010
Lives in: Brooklyn, NY

Her green home must-have is… “Lots of light and place to grow plants, both inside and out. My windowsill herbs and fruit get me through to spring, when I plant a ridiculous number of vegetables on my postage-stamp patio…”

Celeste Sunderland.jpegBlogger: Celeste Sunderland
Started at Re-Nest March 2010
Lives in: Oakland, CA

Her ideal Saturday morning is… “Filling my basket with organic heirloom tomatoes, butter lettuce, dinosaur kale, avocados, sweet dumpling squash, and other seasonal produce at the farmer’s market. Throw in a big jar of local honey and a pretty bunch of pink sweet peas since it’s an ideal day…”

Name: Leela Cyd Ross
Started at Re-Nest: March 2011
Lives in: Portland, Oregon

DIY or Buy? “DIY all the way. Most of our furniture is modified stuff from the thrift store, vintage shops, or my personal favorite, Portland’s ever-plentiful curbside. People leave really good pieces out to take here (hello Eames chair and pair of Marc Jacobs jeans!)…”

Name: Emily Smith
Started at Re-Nest: January, 2011
Lives in: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

What’s on her nightstand… “Two books that I’m currently reading: Empires of Food: Feast, Famine, and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations, as well as Cory Doctorow’s book Makers. I’ve also got my knitting needles or drop spindle ready at any moment’s notice…”

Name: MaryAnne Petrella
Started at Re-Nest: End of January 2011
Lives in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Her favorite green paint brand and color…”CIL Naturaliving Semi-Gloss in white. It’s super versatile and I always have a just-in-case can around for impromptu projects…”

Name: Willi Galloway
Started at Re-Nest: March 2011
Lives in: Portland, Oregon

Her green home must-have is… “A kitchen garden. Now that we are settled into a house I devote a lot of space to vegetables and herbs, but I’ve grown on decks, rooftops, and in community gardens…”

Name: Sarah Starkey
Started at Re-Nest: January 2011
Lives in: Brisbane, Australia

DIY or Buy? “If I can DIY it well, DIY all the way. But I know when a DIY isn’t up to scratch and there are so many fantastic local and green minded designers doing amazing things with green technologies that I support that whenever I can…”

Name: Lauren Zerbey
Started at Re-Nest: January 2011
Lives in: Seattle, WA

Most enjoys writing about… ” I like writing about the small moves and clever solutions to everyday life that can have a big environmental impact. I’m also fascinated with small space living and organization and I enjoy researching less-than-glamorous topics (like hot water heaters) and organizing the information into ways that are more accessible to people. Knowledge is power and I believe that the better we understand the way our homes work, the products we buy or the food we eat, the better equipped we are to affect change on a larger scale…”

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