Meet the Team: Katie Steuernagle

Meet the Team: Katie Steuernagle

Carrie McBride
Oct 7, 2011

Name: Katie Steuernagle
Location: Rochester, MN (but I'm really from Texas)
Family: Jon (husband), Ethan (12), Emmeline (9), Magnolia (2)
Started writing for Ohdeedoh: Summer 2010

What happens when a creative, dyed-in-the-wool Texan is transplanted to Minnesota and becomes a SAHM of three? She uses crafting (and blogging) as a therapeutic forcefield against longings for her homeland. In other words: she crafts it out. In addition to the many amazing craft and diy tutorials she has contributed to Ohdeedoh she is always on the lookout for equally amazing projects from the blogosphere to share with you in her daily posts. I may have made a mistake by scheduling her for a 9 am slot, prime coffee drinking hour, because her humorous quips have caused me to spit mine out more than once. Let's get to know Katie a bit:

Meet Katie

A little bit about me: A long time ago I was an accountant living in San Francisco. Wrong career choice. I quit and moved back to my hometown, Austin, and worked as a waitress at a diner and fell in love with a punk rock line cook with blue hair. I knew snagging him would lead to a life of luxury, and shortly thereafter I was knocked up. Twelve years later we are still blissfully in love and have 3 amazing kids.

I started blogging under the name Matsutake a couple of years ago. I use it as an outlet to reminisce about my days as a muse to Karl Lagerfeld and the months we spent on his yacht in the Mediterranean, all of which is made up, and to talk about my cat (you can read about the time she was involved in a socialite murder scandal here). Mainly, though, I use my blog to write about my crafts and DIY stuff. I make an obsessive compulsive amount of stuff. One time I even made stuff on The Martha Stewart Show, but it was awful because Martha inhaled some of my papier mache dust and started choking and the producers had to cut to a commercial really fast and everyone on the set swarmed her with Evian and my whole life flashed before my eyes... my husband, my kids, Karl Lagerfeld's yacht. I've never been invited back on the show.

My favorite Ohdeedoh post: Before I started writing here, Carrie wrote a post about the crib mobile I made for my daughter. I worked so long and hard on that thing it nearly drove me insane, and when I saw it on Ohdeedoh, I nearly burst with joy. I want to give other people that same feeling when I write up the projects that they work so hard on and feel so proud of.

3 adjectives to describe your style: humorous, French, carnivore. Is this a Mad Lib? I love Mad Libs!

My go-to gift for new parents: Food. I leave a casserole on the front porch, ring the bell, and run away.

A baby "essential" I don't find essential at all: Most of it. Like I said before, being married to a line cook for so many years landed me in the lap of luxury. I quickly discovered how little I needed to raise my kids. I never used a changing table or a diaper genie. I never knew the name of our strollers. We just got whatever was cheapest, and it was fine.

Favorite room featured on Ohdeedoh: My all time fav nursery tour was Ashley and Family Welcome a Girl. That room is so weird and beautiful. Can I add those words to my Mad Lib? Maybe it's all the frames. I'm obsessed with picture frames.

Favorite children's book: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. My mom read me the whole book when I was little over the course of a few nights, and we laughed so hard at "she began thinking over other children she knew who might do very well as pigs". We still laugh about it.

My next DIY project: I have roughly 50 projects in the works.

On my fantasy shopping list: A Jonathan Adler Lampert Sofa. Or anything by Jonathan Adler. Talk about humorous French carnivore! The man can do no wrong.

Blogs/Websites I visit religiously:
Motherhood in NYC

Just four of Katie's terrific tutorials:
Merry Go Round Book Caddy
How To Make a Cork Canoe
Thrifted Picture Frame Kid's Chair
How To Turn Thrifted Paperbacks Into Custom Hardbacks

(Images 1 & 2: Katie Steuernagle. Image 3: Ashley Ann Campbell)

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