Meet Tiffany Bird of Simply Modern Mom

Meet Tiffany Bird of Simply Modern Mom

Carrie McBride
Mar 23, 2010

Name: Tiffany Bird
Children: Kaye, 3, and Elle, 1
Location:: Atlanta
Blog: Simply Modern Mom

If there's one truism to having children it's that life gets more complicated as your energy and attention are pulled in what can feel like hundreds of directions. Tiffany Bird calls simplicity her life motto which is why she's determined to share ideas, inspiration and tools to help other moms simplify their sometimes chaotic lives.

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In her words, "modern moms want quick, simple, easy to do ideas that are feasible for any mom's lifestyle." On Simply Modern Mom you'll find tutorials for things to make and do, recipes that any mom can pull off, time-saving and organization tips as well as links to some of the best ideas on the web for simplifying your home life. Tiffany tells us more below about why she started Simply Modern Mom and the kinds of things you'll find there:

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
Simply Modern Mom began July 2009. Just a baby in the blogosphere. I started the site to help me keep track of my craft and house projects. But as time went on, I realized I wanted to refocus my site to help modern moms simplify their lives. I think we can all use a little simplicity in our lives. So I write tips, introduce intriguing sites, make lists, share tutorials and interview other mothers or bloggers. It has turned into a community where moms come to share ideas and learn how to simplify their busy lives.

How would you sum up Simply Modern Mom in a sentence?
Bringing simplicity into lives of modern moms.

Tell us about Project 52: Date Nights - why you started it and how it's been going.
Project 52: Date Nights is a resolution to date your significant other once a week for a year, 52 dates. My husband, Nathan, is in graduate school while working full time. And I'm busy with the children, the house, countless projects and the blog. So I knew the only way we would see each other, just the two of us, would be to schedule it in. That sparked the idea for Project 52: Date Nights where couples dedicate an hour a week to spend solely with their significant other. The best thing is it can be simple at-home dates.

I invited SMM readers to participate in Project 52: Date Nights and link up their dates every Tuesday. All of us go around reading about each other's dates and leave comments of encouragement. It has been going well for Nathan and I. We saw an immediate difference in our relationship. I also look forward to each Tuesday when I can read about other people's dates and gather ideas from them. I am amazed by the stories people have shared about how a simple dedication of an once-a-week date nights has impacted their relationships.

You recently had what you called "Over-Used Recipe week" on your blog. What's an over-used recipe?
An over-used recipe. It is that recipe that you use over and over again because it's easy. That recipe that is your comfort food. Or that one that reminds you of your mother or grandmother's cooking. And it is definitely that recipe where when you make it, you don't even measure the ingredients. You know it by heart.

Do you have any tips for getting inspired to cook for your family when you feel like every recipe you have is over-used?
I have those days… at least once a week. That was the main reason for the Over-Used Recipe Swap. If we all would share our over-used recipes, we would have a whole set of new tried and true recipes to feed our family.

Also, every once in a while I like the challenge of staring into our fridge. Seeing what is available and concocting something out of this and that. I invented my creamy spinach enchiladas that way. Now that is a family favorite.

Part of your mission is to help other moms simplify their lives. What's one thing every mom could do tomorrow to make her life simpler or easier?
Learn to say no. Prioritize what is important in your life at this moment. Work on those. Then when you have run out of time, learn to let the other stuff go. You don't have to be super mom to everyone, just the best mom you can be to your family.

What is a parenting lesson you have learned lately?
Be in the moment. I am the type of mom who is always thinking of what I need to do next. What I need to prepare for it. I am working on being in the moment, especially when I am spending time with my family and doing things with my kids. I have to put away my phone, step away from the computer and stop doing whatever project I am working on and enjoy being there with the people I love.

What are some of your favorite blogs to visit?
I love design blogs and photography blogs. I like looking at pretty things then dream of the day when my house can look like that. I also like to be inspired by beautiful photography. It's a skill I am diving into so I study the work of great photographers. To name a few specific blogs… Design*Sponge, Shutter Sisters, This Tiny House and Oh Joy!.

Right now on Simply Modern Mom you'll find a variety of ideas for decorating Easter eggs and a quick, easy idea for making Kraft mac n' cheese healthier. Thanks, Tiffany!

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