Meg and Josh's Mudroom: Real-life Lessons from a Real-life Renovation

Meg and Josh's Mudroom: Real-life Lessons from a Real-life Renovation

Dec 10, 2013

Name: Meg and Josh
Type of Project: Mudroom/Breakfast Nook remodel
Location: Chinook, Washington
Type of building: Single-Family Home, 1,000 square feet

A few weeks ago, we got to see the dramatic results of Meg and Josh's mudroom and breakfast nook renovation, and last week they shared with us the final specifics of their budget. In this installment, Meg and Josh reflect back on the renovation, and let us in on the lessons they learned along the way.

Now that the project is over and you're looking back on it, what are the most important lessons you learned through the remodeling process?

1. Plan, plan, plan — there's no substitute for preparation. It'll save you both time and money.

2. Flexibility is key — there's a lot more that goes into planning a project than just the steps to get it done, and sometimes those steps you planned just don't end up working.
3. Ask for help — don't be ashamed to ask your handy friends and family members for help. Just have plenty of beer and snacks on hand to keep them happy.

If you were to do this again, what would you choose to do differently?

Other than making the half wall a wee bit shorter, I think we're pretty happy with the outcome.

Did your schedule go as planned? What took more time than you thought it would? What took less time?

It seemed every aspect of the job took a little extra time since we were learning as we went but, surprisingly, we pretty much were right on schedule — until the dreaded finish work. A combination of lost motivation and wanting to do the job right required an extra couple weeks of work.

What is your next project going to be?

We have a good amount of square footage in our unfinished upstairs that is just collecting dust. We see so much potential - it could be a master suite or a much needed guest room. I'm sure we'll be busting out the tools to tackle this next big project - just not too soon. We need to recover from all the sleepness nights this new baby boy is racking up.

Any final thoughts?

One thing we've come to realize is that when you're living amongst the renovation it is imperative that when the time you set aside for the project is over — the weekend or whatever — you leave the house in a livable condition until you can return to finish the project. Sometimes this is a few days, weeks or months. Not only is it difficult to live without a bathroom light or a hole in your floor, or whatever the case, it's also just as difficult to live amongst the rubble. A clean and usable space can do wonders to keeping your project on track and frustrations at bay.

Thanks, Meg and Josh! And congrats on your new space!

This concludes Meg and Josh's renovation diary. You can check out the full series to see the whole renovation process, step-by-step, or you can explore all of our Renovation Diaries.

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(Images and diary text: Meg Padgett)

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