5 Timeless Living Room Decorating Tips from Meghan Markle’s Blog, The Tig

updated May 3, 2019
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The Duchess of Sussex and (queen of our hearts) left behind a treasure trove of tips to achieve a life well lived. Self described as “a hub for the discerning palate–those with a hunger for food, travel, fashion & beauty,” The Tig was Goop, without the jade egg stuck up its you-know-what.

But alas, after becoming a member of the British royal family, The Tig had to go. However, thanks to the geniuses of the Internet (you know, those people) we can time-travel back to when The Tig was alive and serving us friendly advice. Specifically, advice for how to decorate a living room. And although the tips are from 2016, they still hold up as tried and true pillars of great style.

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Layer your rugs

This tip is great for your budget and it adds a lot of texture to your room. Rugs can be very expensive. Like budget-busting expensive. A great way to save is to purchase a smaller, pricier rug and lay it on top of an economical, large-scale rug. My favorite way to do this is a cow hide over a natural fiber rug. It’s bohemian, but still pulled together. Another great pairing is a kilim rug over a jute rug.

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Add shapely table accents

TV remotes are not decor. Get a great box to hide them in and place it next to an interesting small-scale sculpture. But as The Tig rightly points out, don’t overcrowd your tabletop. You can’t go wrong with a small stack of books with beautiful bindings and a small item on top, like a candle or curiosity.

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Use black and white

This combo is classic for a reason. It easily fits into many decor styles and adds contrast. Think black hardware with white draperies, black and white geometric print blankets, a white sofa with black velvet pillows, or a black and white art print. See? There are so many ways to incorporate this classic color combo.

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Pick your pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to tie together a space. Choose pillows that have colors that are used throughout the room or use this opportunity to introduce an accent color.

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Grow a plant

Plants are nice to have around not just to increase the flow of oxygen, but they make the room feel more casual and lively. When selecting a plant, be conscious of the type of light your room gets, and if you’re a beginner, choose something relatively easy to care for. Put it in a cute pot and you are on your way to a gorgeous living room.