Where to get $5 frames in Melbourne

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The many great posts on AT regarding how to hang artwork and what to frame made us realise it was high time we gave our own walls some love. However we were disappointed with the lack of nice budget conscious frames available locally. Ikea wasn’t doing it for us and we didn’t have the patience to op-shop. So we were stoked when we stumbled on a great source of ultra cheap frames – source revealed below.

These frames were $5 each at The Victoria Market. The stall is only there on Sundays, next to the pre-paid parking machines in the main carpark. They have a range of frames and prices, including ones on ‘sale’ every week. The white one is 52x42cm and the brown one is 58x68cm. We had to put our own hooks and wire in the back but for a new $5 frame we didn’t mind.