Melinda's Concealed and Clean Home Office

Melinda's Concealed and Clean Home Office

Gregory Han
Jul 26, 2010

Name: Melinda Knight
Location: Washington
Size: 750 square feet

Melinda Knight has the luxury of not only having a home office that inspires her, but one that is rather spacious too. Shared with her husband, this 750 square foot space is artistic, colorful and a little eclectic too. What mattered to her most though was creating a work environment that is functional, comfortable and inviting too.

What was your goal when setting up your home office?
I really wanted a lot of storage for our three businesses, but would also be comfortable for my husband.  I've been trying to get him to work from home more, so having a space that he liked was very important to me.  He's in the construction industry, so displaying his collection of cranes and make it work with the space was a challenge.   

The space needed it to be functional, comfortable and inviting.  We already had a beach finish on our furniture, but it was discontinued when we renovated the space.  That was OK because I didn't want everything to be matchy-matchy any way.  I chose finishes that contrasted well and were evenly distributed throughout the space to carry the different finishes throughout the space.

What's your favorite part of your home office?
I really like the cabinet space that covers one entire wall.  It stores EVERYTHING and conceals it nicely in a clean and modern style.   It's also really easy to find everything, so the space is very functional and efficient.

Can you give us one design tip that we can use at home or at the office?
Make it a space that you like!  Select colors and finishes that will keep you inspired and motivated.  We purchased our house primarily because it had an entire floor that we could dedicate as an office with its own entrance.  We had to quickly renovate the space and it was a mish-mash of styles.  I absolutely hated it and wouldn't go down there to work.  The rest of our house was beautiful, but I was always embarrassed to take people down to our office space.  A little less than two years ago we did an entire overhaul and got rid of the furniture and decorations that didn't work.  Now, I love working in the office and can proudly show off the space.

What is your favorite part of your work day?
When the kids are napping in the afternoon, or early in the morning with my cup of coffee and local news on in the background.  I like to open up the door next to my desk first thing in the morning with the chill air coming in and listen to the birds and fountain on my pond while I check email.  I get the most accomplished when my children are asleep.  Go figure!

If you could be any office supply, what would it be and why?
I would be a printer because of the feeling you get when you're able to get a project finished and print it out to see the final result. This is especially true with a design project.

What's on your desk right now?
They called me Miss 90 Degrees when I was in the corporate world because I had to have everything in its place and papers hidden and filed away. You usually don't find anything more than my computer and design books on the top of my desk. Clutter makes me crazy! 

Tell us about and what it means to you to have a work space that you love. is an online marketplace and community of women inventors, so staying motivated and creative is very important to my business.  The ladies on my site expect me to be on my A game at all times and rely on my services to help promote their inventions.  I have to put in long hours on the computer, so it's important to have a work environment that's beautiful yet feel comfortable with all of the tools I need at my fingertips. 

Photos by Melinda Knight

Tour by Sayeh Pezeshki of The Office Stylist, a blog dedicated to the idea that we should live well at work.

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