Melissa and Ryan's World of Color

Melissa and Ryan's World of Color

Ashley Sheping
Feb 9, 2010

Name: Melissa and Ryan Gallagher
Location: SE Portland, Oregon
Size: 1692 sq. ft.
Years lived in: 2

This brightly colored home belongs to Oregonians, Melissa and Ryan, a couple whose talents go way beyond picking colors for their walls. Melissa, a color designer for Nike and Ryan a multi-accomplished artist had no problem adding personal touches to their decorating scheme.

Upon walking into Melissa and Ryan's home, we felt like a kid in a candy shop. There is so much see and discover, we honestly didn't know where to turn first. The vintage suitcases, lanterns, skateboards, prints and paintings were all catching our eye, and that was only in the living room. The most exciting piece was the cabinet filled with treasures from Melissa's childhood. It was like having a small time machine tucked in a corner of the room where you could go and reminisce for an hour or two. This is said to be the inspiration for the whole home and as we explored the rest of the house, we could clearly see the relation. Each room has a playful feel to it, especially the chalkboard room where nieces and nephews can draw for hours...

Even more creativity gets flowing downstairs. Ryan, talented in playing the guitar, bass, drums, piano, and harmonica usually practices in the basement where Melissa likes to sew and paint. Currently, she is sewing stuffed animals with individual organs inside that you can access after opening the velcro back (a cute idea for teaching anatomy at a young age).

Although both have fully enjoyed making this home reflect their personal style, they are hoping to sell this house soon and start the decorating process all over again. Hopefully Melissa and Ryan will be happy to share the new one with us as well.

Apartment Therapy Survey

Our style: We have a painting hanging above our television that was the first piece of artwork that my husband and I had ever done together. His side is very symmetrical, and mine very organic. In our home you will see a mixture of old and new, symmetrical and asymmetrical, but together they are cohesive. This cohesiveness is done by color, design, wood, or the pure era of the items in a room. We find this makes our home a very cozy, fun, and a welcoming place.

Inspiration: I love everything old. I have a corner cabinet with all the things from my childhood. The contrast of this very old, brown, wood cabinet, to all the bright shiny toys inside, became the inspiration of the color for the whole home.

Favorite Element: The tiny kitchen. This is where the original wood floors are. At first it was too small for me, but now its our favorite place to be with one another, cooking and talking. We also will take time out of our day to color on the chalkboard walls in the kitchen.

Biggest Challenge:
The yard is our biggest challenge. We are thankful for such a huge and beautiful lot, but it is a lot of work at times to keep up.

What friends say:
They say it is cozy, that they feel at home, that it is fun and creative.

Biggest Embarrassment: Probably when one of our cats has left a horrible smell in the catbox when company arrives.

Proudest DIY: The chalkboard walls were so much fun for the both of us. Also, we turned one of our closets into a little office, to give us a place to work when we need to.

Biggest Indulgence: The musical equipment that fills the home.

Best advice: There are places in my home that are very simple, and areas that are very complicated. I really love taking a lot of my "clutter" and putting it in glass cabinets on display. I like to call it organized clutter. This makes a home interesting and full, but clean and simple.

Dream Source: Old homes. Cabins. Nature.


Hardware: Vintage or standard stuff from Home Depot.

Furniture: Couch is from Macy's. Cabinets Vintage or Ikea. Entertainment area is Target. Vintage pieces everywhere.

Lighting: pre-existing

Paint: Miller

Flooring: Kitchen and Nook are original Pine, which is very old. Rest of the house is Pergo.

Rugs and Carpets: Ikea, no carpet

Tiles and Stone: pre-existing

Beds: ZGallerie

Thanks Melissa and Ryan!

(photos: Ashley Sheping)

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