This Memo Pad Reveals Architectural Sculptures As You Use It

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: via Colossal)

Prepare to have your sloppy childhood attempts at stick figure flip book animation completely blown out of the water. Japanese company Triad is the creator of Omoshiro Blocks (“fun blocks”), memo pads that slowly reveal an architectural treasure with the removal of each page.

(Image credit: via Colossal)

This is easily the most creative path to note-taking we’ve come across since designer Kim Ji-eun fashioned a memo pad out a toilet paper roll. Through the use of precision laser-cutting, the Omoshiro Blocks allow the user to pen notes on more than 100 pretty sheets of colored paper while simultaneously unearthing stunningly detailed 3D structures that are unique to each pad, such as miniature paper replicas of the historic sites like the Buddhist Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, the Tokyo Tower and Sensō-ji. Accompanied by the memo pad’s architectural designs are also intricate cutouts of people, cameras, musical instruments, flowers, boats and trains.

The excavation-inspired memo pads currently go for between 4,000 and 10,000 yen ($36 and $90 US). According to an Instagram post by Triad, the Omoshiro Blocks are out of stock and the company’s website is down at the moment. Also, international shipping is not available yet. The memo pads were previously available for sale at the Osaka location of Tokyu Hands, a “creative life store,” but have since sold out as well. The company is currently working on “production for resales” and promises to provide updates as they become available.

(Image credit: via Colossal)

Until these self-proclaimed fun blocks make their debut around the globe, do yourself a favor and check out Triad’s Instagram feed, which is chock full of gorgeous examples of the original Omoshiro Blocks. Needless to say, these amazing memo pads should be high up on every architecture and design lover’s wish list!

h/t Colossal