This Candle Company Is Here to Help You Survive Mercury Retrograde

published Sep 28, 2021
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Gird your loins, people of the universe. Mercury entered into retrograde on Sept. 27, and life is about to get that much more challenging. From now until Oct. 18, communication errors can run rampant, tech will be on the fritz, and you may feel like there’s some sort of blockage in your life. 

But the chaos of Mercury retrograde may not be so bad this time around thanks to the new “Surviving Mercury Retrograde” candle from Birthdate Co.

“Take a deep breath. Then another. Mercury may be entering retrograde on Sept. 27, but you’ve got this,” the back of the candle reads. “Retrograde in Libra will beckon time to reflect on your closest relationships: Are your partnerships balanced? Can you maintain a sense of personal freedom?”

Surviving Mercury Retrograde smells of freshly-picked spearmint, bergamot, and French lavender, and as it burns down, base notes of hinoki cypress, patchouli, and vetiver pull through. And to help you see things more clearly during this final Mercury retrograde of 2021, Birthdate Co. included a chunk of clear quartz in the bottom.

As Birthdate Co. writes on the candle’s description, this is the third Mercury retrograde to occur in an air sign this year (which is pretty unusual) and therefore, may cause some anxiety with decision making. “But try to see that as an invitation to approach each choice with patience, and balance,” it reads. “What decision would feel most brilliantly authentic to you?”

Hopefully, using this candle to soothe, calm, and focus your intentions, this Mercury retrograde won’t be as chaotic as Mercury retrogrades past. Pick one up for yourself, for your astrology-attuned BFF, and for anyone else in your life who may need a little pick-me-up during the next few weeks of potential confusion.