Messiest Closet 2006: Riian's New Closet

Messiest Closet 2006: Riian's New Closet

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 21, 2006

Just about three weeks ago, Bill Skinner from Astech Closet delivered Riian and Riley's new closet and just this past week, they finally got all their stuff moved in. It was a great finish to a the very silliest of contests and we couldn't be more pleased to have played a role in helping someone out. Here it is, direct from Riian:

I finally am getting all the shelves filled inside the closet and miracle of miracles I am now able to close the door of the closet! Who knew those doors even worked! We've gotten rid of the non-functional desk, and now in just a few more steps I will have everything squared away in the bedroom. Shwew!...

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I don't know if you had heard from Bill, but we had quite an adventure the day of installation. We had a pretty major ceiling collapse in the bedroom just minutes before Bill was to arrive. Of course we had not cleared the closet upgrade with the super, but had no choice but to call him since there was a giant dripping hole in the ceiling and a mountain of debris all over the tv, my dresser, riley's armoir, etc.

So...I call Bill, and of course he is running early and is almost to my apartment (the guy gets up at the crack of dawn to start's insane!) There is no turning back. He comes in and just moments later the super arrives. Bill totally plays it cool, and helps us look at the damage and determine the cause of the collapse.

A little of my husband Riley's sweet talk goes on and the super agrees to allow Bill and his team to do their work first. 45 minutes later we have a gorgeous new closet, and it is so clean I never even knew they were there! That's no exaggeration, they were so very speedy and professional. I would recommend them to any of your readers, as well as all my friends and family.

Now the hole in the ceiling, that's another story. It is STILL not fixed. Anyhow, we are just so happy with the new closet digs. Thank you so much!


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