Messiest Closet 2006: The Garrido’s Non-User Friendly

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Close up of dissarray

Name: Matilda and Diego Garrido
Location: Brooklyn Heights
Size: 35″ deep, 88″ tall. Configured with one shelf above coat rod that is 28″ deep, and five shelves below that are 11″ deep.


Please help us with our closet! We are generally a well organized and tidy family. This closet has a life of its own.

It is certainly large enough to store what we need to put in it, which is tools (including nails, electric drill and some paint supplies), light bulbs, batteries, a shopping cart, a couple of large plastic storage bins, some brooms and mops, and other stuff of that ilk. [more below…]

The outside of the closet (next to our user friendly landing strip) give no hint at the monster inside

Occasionally I get the urge and organize it and it looks beautiful, but the closet is not user friendly. We don’t need the coat rod, and the 11″ shelves don’t hold anything and because they are all the way at the back of the closet, they are hard to reach and see, and inevitably things fall down onto the floor.

The problem is the way the closet is configured. To obtain extra space, we installed a wire shelving rack on the inside of the door, but this makes it nearly impossible to physically get into the closet to find what you need.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Attempt at organization with the door unit

The state it is in now is after we had to go in and get things out to do a small home improvement project (hanging some pictures and a mirror). Since it is so impossible to find things, everything fell off the shelves and it is now a total nightmare and probably a health hazard for our two year old son.

The closet is a generous size, but we need help using the space well. Thanks for considering us, AT!