This Voyeuristic Photo Series Explores How People Leave Hotel Rooms

published Oct 31, 2018
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(Image credit: Giulia Dini)

After a hotel stay, we typically gather our belongings—instantly disconnecting from our temporary home—and never look back. London based photographer, Giulia Dini, embarked on a photo journey to tell the story of freshly abandoned hotel rooms and the guests that once occupied the space. Her series, “Left Behind,” explores popular Milan hotels Principe Di Savoia, LaGare, and STRAF after guests have departed, to explore the remnants of what they’ve left.

(Image credit: Giulia Dini)

“The way we leave our hotel rooms says something about the people that we are,” Dini tells The Spaces. “I always put things in order. I put rubbish in the bin, I almost make the bed—I hate the idea of leaving a mess. I wanted to show how each person leaves behind something intimate and unique, even when everything that is actually theirs has gone.”

Of the 20 individual stories housed in single black frames, the bed serves as the main focal point for each, allowing viewers to study the photos and, if you’re anything like Giulia Dini, create your own backstory for the former occupants.

(Image credit: Giulia Dini)

“I wanted to explore this contrast of people living their most intimate moments in these unfamiliar places—to get closer to these strangers who, just for a very short time, had made these spaces their home. I have whole stories in my head for each one.”

At first glance the rooms appear similar, but upon further examination, you quickly pick up on unique details of the guests; from sleeping habits and reading interests. Dini says the series isn’t over just yet. “I want to visit other cities,” she says, “and find out if there are differences in how people behave in hotels around the world.”