Method Giveaway: Nolastudent's Review

Method Giveaway: Nolastudent's Review

Aug 31, 2007

Remember the Method Giveaway we held earlier this month? As promised, nolastudent provided us with a review of the products she received.

As most of us expected, the most redeeming quality of these products on the whole is the packaging. The tear drop soap on my Ikea sink — just a pleasure to look at in the morning.

I'll start with the soap. The one I received is a bright green-colored cucumber scent. Although the second ingredient is sulfates and it is drying, I do like the scent. Not too strong, especially compared to the cucumber all-purpose spray ... It smells like cucumber melon lotion from Bath & Body Works — which takes me back to eighth grade CYO dances. Awkward! As for function, this is nice for light, everyday wiping off of the counter. Nothing too powerful; won't get your dried-on junk without some major elbow grease or some hot, hot water.

I also received the dish detergent, another case of beautiful packaging. It's pink, grapefruit-scented and quite nice. I don't do much hand-washing, but it did tackle the one greasy chicken bake pan with as much gusto as my usual Dawn. And this is my favorite scent out of all the products — nice and light.

On to the bathroom products: The flushable wipes are supposed to have a eucalyptus mint scent, which sounds right up my alley. Too bad they smell just like Windex ... Just try cleaning your toilet with a baby wipe; it's the same thing.

The personal bath products I got were okay. I like the Bloq packaging a lot because they are easy to organize and store on a shelf. The green mint lotion has a light, clean scent ... The ingredient list would scare me away though — lots of words I don't understand.

The wood spray and rag (sold separately) are my new favorite cleaning products. I don't think I make a good critic though, since I have never used wood cleaning stuff before and I don't know if the stuff I used it on was actually wood. But it really made my bathroom cabinets nice and shiny. And the almond scent is heavenly. Smells like dessert.

My biggest disappointment was the aroma ring. I thought it looked so cool on my window sill, but after a week I have yet to smell it without actually touching my nose to the ring. It smells really good from there, but it did not release any scent, even in my small bathroom. I even used both pouches that it came with, to no avail.

Thanks, Method and AT!

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