Metronap Pod: Model 7

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Try this at home. We are a big fan of naps, and have been advocating naps over coffee for some time. The problem has been WHERE to nap, since a bed is hard to find (or too much of a trap) and privacy is often scarce. Metronaps has solved the problem (expensively) and watch out Starbucks!

The Model 7 (above) is Metronap’s premier napper for home or office use. Available for a paltry $8k, it includes “a reclining function and timer activated light and vibration. Other features available at additional charge:
Ambient Sound System and Privacy Visor.” Metronaps is in business to sell napping, and has already installed Pods in downtown NYC ($14 for 15 minutes). How long until the Sex Pod jokes begin? (via MoCoLoco) MGR