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updated Dec 19, 2019
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(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)

Name: Michael
Location: Bed-Stuy; Brooklyn, NY
Size: 630 square feet (1400 square feet with backyard)
Years lived in: 1 years in apartment; 4 years in the same building; rented
Years Hosting on Airbnb: 1 Year

Michael is an architect and a designer, and you can tell the minute you walk in the door. Down to the hidden stitching on his collaboratively designed couch, everything in his Brooklyn apartment is hand-sewn, stylish and welcoming.

Apartment Therapy & Airbnb Video House Tours: Michael's Woodsy Haven

He has lived in different apartments in the same building for four years. Last year, when he made the transition downstairs to a bigger apartment with a yard, he started to think about the possibility of having a roommate. With an extra bedroom, outdoor space, and a working/creative nook, he decided to try renting his extra apartment through Airbnb while he looked for the perfect roommate.

What he found, however, was that the “temporary roommate-ness” of using Airbnb fit his lifestyle perfectly. The aesthetic of his apartment tends to draw like-minded artists and architects from across the world, and he enjoys meeting fellow craftsmen and giving them a temporary home to explore the city from. His two cats, Fox and Badger (and yes, they have a hashtag on insta: #foxandbadger), have become more social, and his up-and-coming neighborhood is thrilled when he sends newcomers to little restaurants and shops that you can’t find in the guidebooks.

As someone who derives joy from choosing “just the right color white” – and surrounding himself with art (literally – his bed is made out of flat files filled with art that hasn’t made it onto the walls yet), Michael has created a space that reflects his passion for great design. It’s calming and inspiring, and makes us want to preserve a slice of pizza in resin (watch the video to see what we mean!). We’re so glad he decided to share it!

(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Modern, Warm, Utilitarian, Crafted, Mixed-Media

Inspiration: Alvar Aalto, Hans Wegner, Shakers, Roald Dahl, my Grandma.

How/Why Did You Decide To Host on Airbnb? I started hosting as a stop-gap while looking for a roommate. It worked out unexpectedly well and I never looked back.

Do you rent out a shared room, private room, or your entire home/apartment? A private room in a 2-bedroom apartment.

Favorite Element: Living amongst plants, books, art, and design objects.

Biggest Challenge: Fitting all the chairs I like into the space. BTW, I’ve failed.

Proudest DIY: Collaboration on the living room daybed with designer Pat Kim.

How long have you been hosting? Approximately one year.

What kind of guests have you had? Any you keep in touch with? The majority of my guests have been artists, designers, or architects – like-minded people. Many have been from overseas. Yes, I have kept in touch with several and have to plan a few trips soon 🙂

Biggest Embarrassment: Cat hair! (I’m trying, really)

Biggest Indulgence: A really nice ModKat litter box.

When do you host? I host whenever possible. Since starting, I have been fully booked up most days.

Would you recommend others to host on Airbnb? Why? Yes, definitely! It has only been good experiences.

Have you ever been an Airbnb guest? If so, where? Yes! I’ve been a guest in a house in Montauk and an amazing little pop-up camper in Austin, TX.

What is your hosting style? How do you interact with your guests? I normally assess what the guests would like within a few minutes of meeting them. I am very social myself, but am happy to give guests privacy if they need it.

What has been the most surprising thing about being an Airbnb host? How consistently great the guests have been. I consistently have new people to grab drinks with on weekdays.

What have you done with your funds from hosting? Diamonds!!! Actually, normally just put the money towards rent.

Best Advice: Surround yourself with things that inspire you. Burn everything that doesn’t in your fire pit.

Dream Sources: My friends who are furniture/product designers. Living the dream 🙂


(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)


  • Keyrings: Various Keytags
  • Mugs: Recreation Center
  • Candles: Pelle
  • Dishes: Souda
  • Fishermen’s Knife: Garrett Wade
  • Wood Box: Hancock, Massachusetts Shaker Community
  • Soap: Saipua
  • Button: Angela Cherry
(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)


  • Daybed: Pat Kim and Michael Yarinsky
  • Lounge Chair: Jens Risom
  • Rocking Chair: Charles Eames
  • Side Chair: Harry Bertoia
  • Triangular Side Table: Fort Standard
  • Stool: Souda
  • Coffee Table: Found and Restored
  • Ink Drawings: Anthony Cudahy
  • Etching: Georgia Staples
  • Screenprint: Brad Ewing
  • Standing Bowl: Fort Standard
  • Coasters: Chen Chen and Kai Williams
  • Blanket: Kiosk
(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)


  • Dining Chairs: Folke Palsson
  • Dining Table: Found and Restored
  • Resin-Encased Pizza: Steph Mantis
  • Ink Drawing: Anthony Cudahy
  • Bottle Openers: Brendan Ravenhill
  • Butt Magnets: Steph Mantis
  • Wall Hooks: Pat Kim
  • Salt Dish: In.sek Design
  • Espresso Maker: Aldo Rossi
  • Coffee Maker: Chemex
  • Teapot: Hario
(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)


  • Chandelier: Lindsey Adelman
  • Bed: Repurposed Cole Steel Flat Storage File
  • Chair: Hancock, Massachusetts Shaker Community
  • Reading light: Schoolhouse Electric
  • Wall Clock: Jasper Morrison for Muji
  • Knitted Pillow: DittoHouse
  • Screen Print: Estelle Yarinsky
  • Painting: Anthony Cudahy
  • Block Print: Ann Dewald
(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)


  • Platform Bed: Michael Yarinsky
  • Dresser: Found and Restored
  • Ladder: Found and Restored
  • Laundry Basket: Steele Canvas
  • Block Print: Estelle Yarinsky
  • Watercolor: Amanda Wachob
  • Rubber Stamps: Thorsten van Elten
  • Wall Sculpture: Erwin Hauer
(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)


  • Corten Stell Firepit and Raised Plant Bed: Michael Yarinsky
  • Glass Tables: Michael Yarinsky
  • Folding Chairs: Found and Restored
(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)


  • Concrete Desk Set: Magnus Pettersen
  • Trivet: Pat Kim
  • Concrete Vessel: In.sek Design
  • Porcelain Planter: Farrah Sit
  • Robot: David Weeks
  • Hand Broom: Hancock, Massachusetts Shaker Community
  • Drawing: Anastasia Ginger
  • Drawing: Estelle Kessler Yarinsky
  • Chair: Harry Bertoia
  • Baskets: Steele Canvas
  • Sewing Machine: Juki

Photography: Pablo Enriquez

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Thanks, Michael!