Microbes: Making Better Compost

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A couple of weeks ago, we built a compost bin in our backyard. It’s already saving us lots of space in the garbage (and yes, attracting a few critters—until my fiance souped it up this weekend), but we know that come early spring, we’ll want to have some compost ready. So friends of ours gave us a compost kit and, well, it looks very promising.

The secret ingredient we’ll soon be adding to our compost pile? Microbes. According to our kit, they will encourage better breakdown, help prohibit bad smells, and even help us get to the usable compost a little bit faster.

The kit, which is similar to this one at Microbial Earth, includes microbes, clay, and other materials that will more thoroughly break down our compost and make it even richer in nutrients. Since microbes help encourage the break down of compost, it will also give us a little more room in that scrap heap, which is quickly filling the space we made for it.

The kit comes with step-by-step composting instructions and will help get our spring garden off to a healthy start. Have you added microbes to your compost—and if so, did you notice a difference?