Microphone “Solo” Light from Re-Surface Design

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Anyone who’s been addicted to Rock Band recently (cough, us, cough) will understand how freaking cool this microphone light is (and not only if you’re a guy). A microphone shaped light. That you can hang above your bed! C’mon! Alright we can admit that anyone who hasn’t been addicted might have more…lukewarm feelings about this.

But we’ll plant ourselves squarely in the first camp and say that the streamlined design and choice of colors (silver or black) make this perfectly awesome. Apparently the mesh of the mic creates an ambient “soft disco like glow”. Just don’t hang it too near the shower where you might be tempted to take that rendition of ‘Say it Ain’t So’ to the next (electrocuted) level. We should also mention, just in case, that this is just a light, it will not double as an actual microphone.