Mid Century Lamp Makeover

At first glance, many traditionalists might cringe at the idea of changing anything about a vintage lamp like this, but keep in mind that it was inherited with tarnished brass and chipped plaster. Sometimes to make something show worthy, it needs a bit of a spruce-up. See more after the jump.

The modern makeover that Janis at Navy Bean has given to the lamp was less expensive than the alternative she was considering at Room and Board.

She rewired the electrical elements, used gold leaf to cover up the worn brass and repainted the base. She then gold leafed the little dots while watching old movies. The last step was buying a lampshade and covering it in linen using the step by step instructions found here. The whole project cost her a mere $56 compared to the $150 of the new lamp option!

For Janis’ full post, follow this link.

(Images: Navy Bean)