Midwest #14: The Upholstered Nightstand Project

Midwest #14: The Upholstered Nightstand Project

Janel Laban
Jan 30, 2008

Name: Shelly
Location: Carmel, Indiana
Time: Approximately five hours (not including planning and drying time)

Cost: Purchased nightstand at Salvation Army Store for 9.99. When I told the manager on duty what I was using it for, he gave me a discount and asked that I bring pictures in to post at the front of the store. I had all other materials except for the aqua paint which was 7.99 and the color copies cost 6.00 at Kinkos. In order to complete this project, I spent a total of 23.98 and I have 3/4 qt. of paint left over.

Shelly is obviously multi-talented - in addition to her DIY prowess, she took great photos and wrote up very detailed how-to instructions. Jump below for all the pics, tools, how-to and VOTING...


Tell us the tools and resources you used for the project:
Old Nightstand
1 yard of Amy Butler 54" wide fabric
lightweight batting
Modpodge or other glue medium
spray adhesive
fabric glue
plain knob
staple gun or pneumatic stapler
1/4" staples
paint brush
paint tray
Exacto knife or fine scissors
tape measure
screw driver (not pictured)


Share step by step instructions for how you completed the project:

1. Washed, lightly sanded , primed and painted an old nightstand and drawer knob.
2. Made six color copies of fabric I used, cut them to fit the inside of nightstand, glued in place with ModPodge, let dry, cut out curve and top coated with ModPodge.
3. Measured and cut two fabric panels to be upholstered on sides of nightstand.
4. Measured and cut two panels of batting to be adhered underneath fabric on sides.
5. Attached fabric panels at top of sides of nightstand, stapling fabric on the wrong side and fabric panel laying away from the side of the nightstand so that when flipped over it is right side up on nightstand side.
6. Sprayed side with adhesive, attached batting and cut to fit.
7. Pulled fabric panel down over batting, stapling at center bottom, pulling at a diagonal out from center, stapling towards edges. Attached fabric around the back the same way, folding edges like wrapping a gift and securing in place with staples.
8. Pulled fabric towards front, stapling from top edge to beginning of curve and from end of curve to bottom of nightstand.
9. Made three 90 degree cuts in fabric in towards curve, stopping 1" before curve edge.
This is to release fabric so that it can be pulled and secured with staples along inside curve edge.
10. Cut away excess fabric, glue on piece of ribbon or trim with fabric glue, making sure trim is thick enough so glue doesn't soak through.
11. Cut circle out of fabric for drawer knob leaving enough extra to sculpt around back of knob.Coat knob and fabric with ModPodge, adhere and mold fabric around knob, let dry, attach to drawer.

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