Fall Colors 2008 Roundup: The Entries So Far

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you been following the Color Contest this year? We’re shaking up the format a bit by saving the voting for the second round – it’s going to be live, bracketed online voting in real time. To start choosing your top entries at this point in the race, jump below to check out the ones we’ve posted so far and mark your scorecards….your favorites will need your votes when the competition starts heating up!

Entries shown in the photo above are in bold:

  • Midwest #3 – Mansi’s Orange Sunrise
  • Midwest #8 – Jas’ Personal Harmony
  • Midwest #9 – Nicole’s Color Theory
  • Midwest #11 – Jesse’s Tuned In Space
  • Midwest #13 – Frannie’s Rambler
  • Midwest #15 – Elizabeth’s Modern Mix
  • Midwest #16 – Ellie’s Dad’s Creative Relief

    AND, if you are thinking about joining the competition, don’t delay! The deadline is Tuesday, October 14th. Get out your camera this weekend and snap a few pics of your home sweet home and send ’em on in. The entry form can be found right here.

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