Midwest #18: The "43 Months to Finally Paint" Project

Midwest #18: The "43 Months to Finally Paint" Project

Janel Laban
Feb 1, 2008

Name: Colleen
Location: St. Louis
Time: Actual time spent on the project only amounted to one evening (prep), one Sunday (work), and another morning (clean-up)
Cost: Just under $70, but now I have acquired some useful items like the Kilz primer, the spackle, rollers, etc. Plus HD has a rebate for $5 off the can of paint since it was MLK weekend. (Mental Note: 3-day weekends are probably good times to buy paint).

Colleen says:"I moved in and immediately hated the boring beige-white walls about 43 months ago! Afterwards, I sat on the bed admiring our work and told my boyfriend that I absolutely couldn't believe I had waited that long to finally paint. Never again! Now it's on to tackle the kitchen... :) " - All the pics, tools, how-to and VOTING are below...


Tell us the tools and resources you used for the project:
Spackle and putty knife
Painter's tape
Hammer and screwdriver
Sandpaper and sanding block
Nylon bristle paintbrush
Roller and tray
Kilz primer
Behr's "Glass Bead" eggshell finish paint Stepladder and Boyfriend and adorable painting outfit (plaid shirt and ripped jeans) - not pictured ;)

Stuff was from Home Depot, my hall closet, or my mom's basement...I did make use of Behr's ColorSmart software on their website to narrow down potential colors. This one came up after "fine-tuning" my original choice.


Share step by step instructions for how you completed the project:

1. Broke out the chipped plaster and spackled the holes.

2. Removed furniture, rugs, stuff on the walls, etc. Wiped down walls and floors.

3. Taped off the perimeter of the room and around all doors and windows, covered outlets and lightswitch with tape, too.

3. Covered bed and dresser (and poor Cocoa) with plastic sheeting.

4. Sanded spackled/water damaged areas and primed with Kilz.

5. Cut in with paint (no primer used overall, it's a rental and the existing color was light enough that I wasn't going to worry about it).

6. Rollered room, one coat was enough - again I wasn't going for perfection and I am on a budget, so one gallon of paint was perfect!

7. Closed off heat vent, opened windows, and shut the door to let things air out in the 20 degree STL winter air!

8. Pulled up tape, rolled up dropcloths, swept twice and mopped, moved some furniture back in.

9. Next day replaced other furnishings, curtains, and stuff on walls. Cocoa was happy to be back in the fresh air, too!

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