Midwest #20: The "Magazine Chair" Project

Midwest #20: The "Magazine Chair" Project

Janel Laban
Feb 6, 2008

Name: Rasa
Location: Suburban Chicago
Time: 1 day (drying time included)
Cost: About $10: school desk ($3), spray paint, spray glue, 1 yd of fabric ($1), scrap paper (free), scrap foam (free), scrap thin rope (free)

Rasa came up with a super flexible do-over - DIY removable chair slipcovers for when you want to switch things up...very smart! All the pics, tools, how-to and VOTING are below...


Tell us the tools and resources you used for the project:
1. Reciprocating saw + safety gear
2. Scissors
3. Sewing machine

1. School desk with potential from thrift store
2. Bucket, sponge, water and soap
3. Silver spray paint (or the color of your choice)
4. Spray glue
5. Some sort of ground covering (ex. old sheets. old shower curtain, tarp)
6. Scrap paper and writing utensil
7. Scrap foam
8. Scrap thin rope


Share step by step instructions for how you completed the project:

1. First, find a school desk with some potential. Bring it home.
2. Flip it over and inspect for a good spot for the cut underneath the seat. Put on safety gear and using a reciprocating saw cut the metal tubing that connects the desk and the chair.
3. Clean the chair to get it ready for painting. Lay down some sort of material to protect the ground.
4. Spray paint all the metal parts. Don't worry if any paint gets on the seat/backrest as all of it will be covered by the slipcovers. Let dry.
5. Find some large piece of scrap paper (back of ugly wrapping paper will do) and use it to trace out the shape of the seat and the backrest. Cut the shapes out.
6. Find foam with the thickness of your liking and cut it to shape using the paper patterns.
7. Attach the foam to the seat/backrest using spray glue on the foam.
8. Cut out the fabric for the front of the slipcover using the same paper patterns used in step 6. For the back pieces I did a lot of eyeballing and estimating. The back pieces do not have to be perfect because they are gonna be scrunched up.
9. Sew the front and back together of each of the slipcovers.
10. Fold over the edge of the back piece of the slipcover and sew it together to provide the space for the rope to string through.
11. String the rope through.
12. Put the covers on the chair. Tie the string tight and hide it within the cover.
13. Bingo! The chair is done!
(Also, repeat steps 8-10 if you want multiple slip covers in different fabrics)"

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